The Generation Gap Is Inevitable

The Generation Gap Is Inevitable

People are confronted with difficulties, with many various problems all their own lives. But one of the most considerable problems is the generation gap is inevitable.

The generation gap is inevitable? How to solve matters?

In my opinion, it is the biggest problem in the whole world, because younger people can’t understand older people in some cases or events. Their attitudes are different too, and older people have more life experience than younger ones. From my point of view, it is one of the most significant differences between these creative people. The younger often don’t listen to older people and so that they make a lot of life mistakes, sometimes challenging problems can appear. On the other hand, sometimes the decisions of younger people are successful in their other life. However, older people are much cleverer than younger (speaking about life experience).

According to my attitude, younger people’s lives are fascinating and full of adventures, new creative ideas, many new events, and sometimes funny situations. For example, younger people would like to listen to music loud and sometimes very loud. The older people can’t listen to such loud music, because they don’t like noise. These people want to listen to music or radio more silently because sometimes silence is necessary. The majority of younger people can’t understand this, so a problem happens, which is very difficult and immovable. That’s why these generations are so different.

To sum everything up, we would like to say that younger people should take care of older people because they must understand them and younger must have to find the best decisions, which could be helpful to between older and younger people. To our mind, if it were like that, both generations needn’t argue and get angry at all.

Share your ideas and thoughts and answer for yourself whether the generation gap is inevitable. Check out more exciting topics about life’s philosophy.

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