Proof God Created A Universe. Different Approach

Proof God Created A Universe. Different Approach

It can be argued with the theory that the universe is flat. For that, we can invoke a comparison of the table’s effect. The table is of the form of rectangular. This is our universe. We are just a tiny dot in that rectangular (universe). Behind the table (rectangular) begins the natural universe – a room (room or house effect). Because of our special smallness, we can barely conceive of the impact of the room or house. However, the universe does not end with that. It continues further and goes out behind the margin of the room and house outside. That all outdoors (all the Earth) is the actual size of the universe. But does that show us the proof God created a universe?

Thus, the universe can be compared to the Earth’s model. Therefore, the universe is not as flat, but oval, as the Earth. Only because of our smallness can look like various shapes, but at the very end, it has to be seen as oval (if we look from afar). It may be that there are parallel universes. A sphere (bubble) covers the other until infinity or n times. Thus, we can live in the bubble’s bubble or bubbles’ bubbles. However, bubbles have to hold on to something, and the question is, what they are holding? What is behind those parallels’ bubbles?

Proof God Created A Universe. Different Approach

Maybe other dimensions: 1, 16 or infinite dimensions? Do you have a different approach?

Still, and all, those dimensions would have to fit into the bubbles’ universes because bubbles of the universe form separate dimensions together. There is no doubt that there are entirely invisible dimensions for us—one of them – a postmortem world ruled by God. The only current dimension of ours is precise and known to us. By the way, it has not been solved until the end yet, and because of that, it is stated (in science view) that it is a little clear.

I assume that we must pass through those dimensions to see and perceive them. To one of them, we pass through naturally when we die. Hence, the ‘death dimension’ in the current dimension never really reveals and perceives because it is got to it (like the other world whatsoever) only when you die on Earth. Therefore, there is no doubt that the ruler of death dimensions is God. Also, God is a ruler of the current dimension and dimensions. As mentioned, all dimensions have to hold on to something, even if it is eternal and infinite.

Besides, it may not be eternal and infinite for most in our bubble and bubbles of the bubbles, and there is the final very far point or starting point from all the bubbles coming out behind it. As mentioned, we cannot perceive reality because we are too small. For us, we are natural that our bubble (oval, universe) is infinite and eternal.

Thus, the universe is only very conditionally infinite and eternal, or with a ‘star’ eternal as an exception.

There would fit a comparison when we stand on Earth on the mountain and see that the sky is infinite. Although at the same time, we know that it is not. We can see the optical illusion of the eyes because the Earth, as all the universe or one of the universes, is just round. Willing to see we need to fly out from it. We can fly out from Earth to the universe, but from the universe, to do that is more than complicated because there are no clear boundaries where the universe begins. Moreover, it would be unclear whether we flew out from our bubble universe to another because it can be connected as a line that crosses with a string. For example:

From this total disorder and, at the same time, order (it may look order for us because of our smallness) (and it does not matter how you render it), there could be infinite or finite possibilities. But limited does not mean finite in our perception, and it can be too great for our mind to perceive or even imagine that finite. We can only make guesses about the secrets of the universe, universes, dimensions and so on, but we may never find out all the answers. Maybe it is because of our nature and purpose that we were created as very complicated subjects. There is no doubt that some immense powers lie behind, beyond and even further.

Thus, a universe can be flat, but only conditionally.

Hence, all the universes and dimensions are held and created in God’s “hands”. That mentioned initial point is God or his world and his perception. Maybe there are even more dimensions than we can imagine, and for us, it would not even fit in our mind’s limited boundaries. God’s dimensions are known and understandable only for him, and it is God’s worlds, dimensions, and universes.

Maybe God’s fundamental nature conceals all the reality he knows alone (he knows himself where he originated and came from). Although the words “came from” or “originated” perhaps do not suit here, because it is impossible somehow to explain and perceive it. Everything and all of it likely fits into one palm of God’s hand and swing. At tremendous speed and with the same mind, everything together is ruled by God. Therefore, we may be alone in the universe or most universes. Everything around us is only “toys”, which, for us, are small, looks incredible.

The other variant is that other life forms exist if God wished elsewhere.

Something elsewhere can be so in our universe’s bubble, so our universes’ bubbles’ bubbles more in other dimensions only known for God. But those forms may not exist because it is known only to God, and it is his matter and not humans’. Thus, to say that there is no God would be more than absurd. Maybe the universe’s dark matter and invisible energy can be a road to another universe (other bubbles). However, passing through them and entering another universe, other bubbles or even dimensions would not be possible to dig until the final point. It is too far – infinity or eternity.

It is understandable why we cannot see or cannot directly see God – we are (live) in different dimensions.

However, also because God is together in all possible dimensions. But I assume that God can “come out” or “show up” even to our dimension and so to any other because it is all ruled by him. Therefore, sometimes we can see God in our current dimension because nothing is impossible for him looking from our eyes.

The question is: where is God? Why there is proof God created a universe?

I would assume he is everywhere together: so in dimensions and behind their boundaries. I would also take that time as such does not exist for God. Especially our imposed time so that it would be easier to live.

Call this topic crazy, but everyone can perceive this subject and ask questions. There is no single clear answer or explanation for that, and there is no doubt that issues and questions like this consist of philosophy, astronomy, theology and other similar fields.

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