How To Solve HTTP 500 Error?

How To Solve HTTP 500 Error?

What causes ‘HTTP 500’ error?

You will not be able to find a single answer. Many problems can cause it—for example, your plugins, a theme, settings, and so on. Here we will provide a simple solution when the ‘HTTP 500’ error occurs on the WordPress based website.

Usually, it is pretty hard to detect what causes the ‘HTTP 500’ error. The sad thing is that your site support will not help in most cases. Usually, they say to remove or deactivate your website’s plugins, but it will not necessarily solve the matter. Contrarily, it may do things even worse because, on the one hand, the ‘HTTP 500’ error would look solved, but you will never know when it strikes back again. It is terrible for your business, affiliates and everyone. Your website may look unprofessional and unreliable, which leads and says not to trust it.

Try this method out and solve HTTP 500 error

After frustration, testing and research of the ‘HTTP 500’ error, I finally solved it. You can try the following steps, and it may help if nothing else helps:

1. In your WordPress admin area, go to the All in One Seo plugin and select Performance.

2. Click Reset Performance Settings to Defaults and click Update Options.

Your problem with the ‘HTTP 500’ error should be solved.

If not, make sure your settings are set as follows:

1. Raise the memory limit: 256 MB.

2. Raise execution time: Use the system default.

3. Force Rewrites: disabled.

4. Click Update Options.

I hope these options will work for you as well. Please share the comments below if they worked for you to solve the HTTP 500 error.

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