An Eternity In Avatars

An Eternity In Avatars

What is an eternity in avatars?

After 30 years, people should be immortal. This is a new science initiative by which people could get rid of biological bodies, and eternal life would be possible in avatars.

Is this a modern technology of the contemporary ages?

The avatar is ageless and resistant to diseases’. According to scientists, the inventions of robotics, information technologies, medicine and biotechnologies after three decades will improve so much that there will be no questions about the possibility of immortality. We will need only to choose if we want this.

Eternal life may be possible, after all. Many scientists and engineers seek to create new technologies to help move out the avatars’ minds after the next 30 years.

However, this sounds more like fantasy science fiction than reality. But it is worth emphasizing that 30 years is a long time and a long way to go for science. According to scientists, the inventions of information technologies, medicine, robotics and biotechnologies after three decades will improve so much that there will be no questions about the possibility of immortality. Then we will only need to choose if we want to.

Back to the future with eternity

But there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. We can pick as a comparison to the famous movie Back to the Future trilogy. It showed the future time range from 1985 to 2015. That’s 30 years period. And now it is 2018. Nothing is even close to what was established back then. We do not have flying cars and lack holograms as well. We are not mentioning more advanced technologies. In 30 years, we will probably see only prototypes of avatars and the robotics industry. After 100 years, it would be possible to make assumptions about different lifespans and more advanced technologies. If we look back 100 years in the past, we went from horses to cars, planes and rockets. This is a giant leap.

Unknown eternal worlds

The thoughts about life in the guise of avatars are the new project. Some billionaires try to benefit from it and invest in this massive initiative. The main goal is to relocate a human’s brain and mind to the artificial body’s avatar. In doing that, a biological body will not be needed for humans to live forever. However, we must not forget that brains and minds are different. The critical problem is how to transfer the reason because it is very complicated. Everything is so related and bound in our body and anatomy that it is hard to unbind. But there is no harm in exploring and being the best. The advantage of our artificial body would be huge. But it is hard to say if that body would be immortal. Despite that, humans’ lifespan should be significantly improved.

We can break out four steps to eternal life:

1. The brains control robots remotely.

2. The brains are transferred to the robot.

3. Digital version is created.

4. The people exist in the holograms.

Some argue that avatars can be achieved in less than 30 years without technology development. But it is a wrong approach. Remember, we witnessed that in 30 years, we cannot perform so much. But in 100 years, yes. I would keep the latter time scale of improvement, although we are improving much faster nowadays. But it is not clear enough in only less than 30 years. We have created so many other issues which are in our way of rapid improvement. And with this approach, we are never guaranteed success. But we need to keep trying and going.

Controlling the robots by mind’s power

Eternal eye

The ingenious idea is to have a body, or an attachment, controlled simply by our minds. But to put this into practice, we need to get rid of wires and scanners. Today we are proud to say that we have already created an electronic capsule placed on the human’s skull and monitors the brain’s bio-electrical function through electrodes in the brains. The signals are sent wireless to the tuner controlling the artificial hand, leg, shoulder, etc.

Travelling heads

Eternity in avatars

It seems impossible for an ill man’s body to take out the brain and mind and transfer them to the new artificial body with ordinary body functions. Nevertheless, the goal is the latter.

The whole process and this kind of human operation are not straightforward because the immune system can reject the head as a foreign body. It is complicated to recreate joints of the spine between the body and the head, including nerves and blood vessels. However, the whole transplantation of the head is still more plausible than just transplantation of the brain to the new body because, by leaving the brain naked, the risk of damaging their fragile tissues can increase significantly.

The head heals in a new body

The main plan is as follows:

1. The patient’s head and body of the donor are cooled down that tissues can survive longer without blood transferring by oxygen.

2. Tissues around the neck are cut through, and plastic pipes are attached to large vessels. The nerves of the spine are cut off.

3. In case cells of the spinal cord would heal up, the accelerating chemical material of this process are injected.

4. The muscles and vessels of the head and the new body are connected. The patient recovers from a coma.

Computers imitate the brain

A Digital version of the brain is created.

Upon creating a complete computer model of the human brain, all the mind will transfer to the computer. Then the people would become immortal. But saying immortal is conditional. Even our planet and stars are mortal. Instead of extending our life span significantly, nothing is eternal as far as we can perceive.

The world will change forever if scientists create a digital copy of the human brain, and our mind would transfer to the computer connected with the robotic avatar we will live. Thus, people with minor exceptions mentioned above will be immortal.

Accounting to the fast growth of the counting capacity of computers, scientists propose that in the next 2-3 decades, we will be figuring out the brain’s secrets. Today, the human mind and intellect are far from fully understood, but the explaining process is ongoing. Scientists work together to create brief three-dimensional computer models of an abstruse brain’s neuron networks and understand their links. Artificial intelligence is being created wherein the network of artificial brain cells is programmed by computer code.

Scientists seek to comprehend the human’s memory and create a memory implant that would restore memories after the damage of the brain. They seek to identify how memories are stored and restored in the brain and create a computer microchip that would be able to connect to the brain and relaunch the memory.

The whole process can be divided into the following:

1. Electrodes situated in the brain seek to comprehend the connection between enteral bark and hippocampus, consisting of memory.

2. based on these data modelling how the brain stores and restores memories.

3. The scientists created an electronic implant with a computer microchip that can be implanted into the hippocampus and refresh the mind and restore memories.

The people become holograms

Some scientists suggest that in less than 30 years, we will only exist in the form of optical holograms, and we will also have our digital minds in those holograms.

In my opinion, the statement mentioned above is too bold and provocative. We have already discussed 30 years time period explaining that it is too good to be true about a great science fiction movie, Back to the future. It seems this idea is trendy nowadays and that mystic 30 years in the future. But the odds are just too great against us.

A three-dimensional hologram looks as same as the human body, and we can call it the physical appearance of humans in the future. However, contemporary science is far away from the achievement of this goal. So far, people could restore only in the natural form of 3-D projections.

Today there is a device that, using it, the meeting of the participants can be projected as 3-D holograms. Notwithstanding this is unknown autonomous holograms that compound the molecules going sky gliding in the air. Those holograms need to be designed on the screen, and they look persuasive only viewing from the front. The scientists improved the technology of cylindrical screens in which the hologram can be viewed from all sides.

Today, the operational hologram works like this:

1. The human’s hologram is shown on the precise height, partly translucent metal and acrylic cylinder.

2. Around the cylinder, the video-cameras capture 3D video record; thus, non-participating persons can see the hologram’s surroundings.

3. The 3-D projector mounted at the bottom of the cylinder projects a human’s hologram inside the cylinder. To that, a mirror at the top of the cylinder is used.

4. You can go around the cylinder and look over the human hologram from all sides, and you get the impression that you are talking to a natural person.

In conclusion and further debate, we would like to say that our technology evolves and we wish the best of luck to our bright scientists and engineers. Without them, we would be much darker and slower.

28 thoughts on “An Eternity In Avatars

  1. Hi. Will the Hologram be the name of the electronic being that Scientistic are trying to put forward according to their views within the next one hundred years? 

    If all these Mind and Brain transfer that these Scientists are working at were possible, after the first thirty years failures another three decades would also prove futile, then the first set of Scientist and engineers will be past age to continue the project up to one hundred years. 

    The younger group of Scientists might not follow closely enough from where the old ones left off. The electronic being (hologram) seems to be something beyond me.


    1. Good thoughts. But remember Einstein’s ideas and heritage. A lot of other famous astronomers, physicists and mathematicians left a very solid foundation which we are using today. In my opinion, there is not such a big generation gap in science and with our modern technologies we can and must do something good. It is not to follow a project or idea blindly. The most important is to adapt what we have already learned and enhanced the projects, ideas, and new inventions and findings. 

  2. This topic is extremely complex to understand. The idea that the human mind and soul can be transferred to an avatar to live forever or a longer period of time is unimaginable. I love the topic. I like to read or more specifically watch things that make me lose my mind. The reason I fell in love with the show “Black Mirror” and the other one with the Asian assassin that transferred into a white dude to solve a murder. If you haven’t seen those Netflix Originals I believe you might really really like them. 

    Honestly, though this would be something only the rich would be able to accomplish once it does become available. I wouldn’t be one to say I wouldn’t do it but I really would think twice before become immortal. Eternal life sounds like a bit difficult to deal with. 

    Lets assume it has been invented and you were offered to choose to transfer your consciousness into an Avatar and live another 500+ years. Would you do it?

    Thank you for the awesome read. 

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I incline to agree that this sort of achievement will not be the random leap in humanity’s history. It is something else. However, I would not match our soul and avatars. Our soul belongs to another dimension and eternal life is strictly limited. Everything has its own limits if we look broadly in our whole universe. All we can do is to extend our lifespan. Avatars are a perfect opportunity for exploration. 

      I think I would choose this little extension in my lifespan to transfer myself into an avatar. But I may not if my close people would not do it. It is very challenging indeed.   

  3. Can you imagine if and when this could become possible? With the leaps we make in technology on seemingly a daily basis I feel it would be naive to think this could “never” happen. We should know by now to never say never when it comes to technology. In keeping with your Back to the Future references, we now have a working hoverboard that hovers above the ground and touches nothing. We are literally in the future, lol. Great and interesting post. I enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, there are plenty of things to consider when we experienced or created something in the past. As I mentioned in the previous comments I think 100 years from now should be accounted as a minimum standpoint. Another interesting thing is that a lot of things come by naturally and we accept it as a normal process of evolution. For example, mobile phones and computers, cars and so on. 

  4. Absolutely love the pictures on your post. Not even sure how you did the effect on the last picture that was pretty cool. I personally would love to live forever.  Maybe live a naturally life first but yeah, after that I all for going on in a different form.  Cool post

  5. This is an important topic to read about. That is really true, before 30 years there was expectations for today but we are still not even close to any of them. This article has proven so many important points that makes us think about it.

    Thank you for posting this article, it is really interesting.

    1. Little by little, we achieve some great and big things. An improvement of modern technology awaits but there is no need for exaggeration.  

  6. Hello,

    i must confess that I am honestly educated by your well detailed and informative post. I love science fictions and love to be a great researcher some days but when I read your post towards the conclusion I had to admit that all these are possibilities and kudos to all our scientists, researchers, biologist, etc. They are really turning thing around with biotechnology.

    nice write-up.

    1. Yes, indeed. I am admired how much they have already achieved. These thoughts and experiments are the beginning to the new age of technology and improvement sooner or later. 

  7. Great stuff.

    Very impressive!

    I can’t wait for holographic to be used on regular basis.
    I think that personal hologram will be a real thing someday soon.

    One day we will play a video game and watch tv and even be able to interact with it.

    This holographic technology is closer than we think.

    Keep going with great ideas.

    Have a nice day,


    1. Yes, it is mind-boggling. But a lot of things had changed over the last century. Another century will bring us new approaches and accomplishments.  

  8. Thanks for this wonderful post this  is technically to me because immortality comes with a lot of price and I know scientists are working hard and could have a breakthrough in making immortality happen but I’m a little confused how they intend to achieve this because it is gonna take more than 30 years or never to do this and if they succeed how can they preserve the human mind in an avatar? 

    1. Yes, you are quite right. It will probably take a lot more than 30 years to achieve this kind of performance. I suggest 100 years as a minimum scale. The preservation of the human mind in avatar will be related to our computers’ principles and technology. There will be some modifications in the brain because this whole process will have to be compatible. It is going to be like a small operation to the human. 

  9. Fascinating post and one that I will need to read a few times to fully comprehend.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is the path that mankind will start to go down in reality at some point in the future (after all, the Simpsons did predict it).  I guess that after reading this and some others that I have looked at the thing that does stick out to me is that this would have to mean a full change in the way that we as humans, interact.  As a species, we need love, touch, intimacy, friendship and those other intangible human interactions that I think a hologram would struggle to replicate.  

    Of course, as you suggest we would have our memories but I can’ help but wonder if that would be like if we were put in an isolated cell.  We remember human interaction but can no longer get it is the physical sense – even just a handshake would be gone.  Interested in your thoughts?


    1. I agree that we need those social bonds but when ageing remember that those bonds weaken every day. And there is a point od ageing when your body cannot handle it. I would see this as a way out instead of dying quickly. I do think that we would lose love, touch, intimacy, friendship and other intangible human interactions. Avatar would be just a new shape. And that new shape would adapt and store the feelings we know and love. Of course, this sort of interaction would be totally different from our traditional perceptive today. 

      The avatar sooner or later would be dealt with our interactions and enhanced. I do not think the avatar itself would look like cold steel. In the far future, we may not make a big difference between those who have avatars and those who have not. Enhanced nanotechnologies could serve this purpose very well if adapted properly and exactly where we need. Undoubtedly, this leads to advanced biomechanics. 

  10. This is an amazing view of what the future has to hold in regards to technological advances. I can see a day coming that all of this could be possible but do we really want this reality? For me, I would have to say no. I like to think of we as a people live here on this planet for a time and then transform into another realm. Interesting topic. There is a lot to wrap your mind around here.

    1. It does not matter if we live in avatars. Eventually, we will have to be transferred into another realm because nothing can last forever in this dimension. For me, it is a perception fighting with ageing. 

      You are absolutely right. A lot of people may not choose this way and it is totally fine. It is everyone’s decision to choose and decide.  

  11. Hi Thomas,

    I can’t imagine wanting to live forever in a machine. I think it would get rather boring after awhile, but that is just me. It is a fascinating discussion and I wonder if eventually we would stop reproducing as a species and just become machines. Artificial Intelligence would be the key factor I think. Once the machines start to think,what is left for humans to do? Don’t you think that our brains would have some limit on the ability to repair themselves forever? 

    I like the thought provoking articles you write, and I am bookmarking this site to read more content.

    Thanks Thomas,


    1. It may be boring for some people but I would not think that way. It would be as a new life and resurrection from the ageing process and your old body. I do not think that we would stop reproducing as species. The machine thing is a great way to deal with our fragile body when we reach old age and it looks as if there is nothing we can do. But we must do something about it. I bet there would be young or younger people who would try this even if it is not necessary because you are still young but at the end of your life it is a key thing to survive. According to the latter, a lot of older or old people may try this solution. 

      I would say that it is not just a machine. We may create some pure machines but humans are irreplaceable. We control the machines. This is an idea to fight with our fragile bodies especially when we reach old age. But, of course, there are limits and you are right that this body may not live forever. However, this is a great idea for space travel trying to leave our solar system behind and reach new stars and planets when travelling over centuries. Even if we do not reach artificial intelligence so quickly we should start building a space colony. We know for sure that someday the Earth will end because the Sun will end. Some generations will have to live in space so that others would reach new habitable worlds. Of course, it is a huge risk because we must not forget that the only habitable place may be our Earth. But even if so we may try to bring our life to less hostile planets that are comfortable for living.       

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    1. Thanks. Trying to create something and with possible monetization options. It is very important for me that others would benefit as well. 

  13. Hi! Thank you very much for this very interesting read. It seems, yeah, kinda science-fiction story. But we must also admit that some of the things you have been stated here may be the direction in which humanity may turn to. It’s difficult to fully imagine the whole picture. But I recall a verse from the Bible that is in harmony with the idea of people in the future not dying. Revelations 9:6 “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them”.

    1. The death is unavoidable in our dimension. Even heavenly bodies and stars die. The question here is how long we can extend our lifespan. 

  14. Thank you for sharing this interesting article, 

    This article was very interesting to read I don’t know if they will be able to accomplish this project, but been immoral for what reason, this is like the project to find life in mars is made mostly for rich people because for normal people we can afford it. I hope to still alive to see this new immortal person. 

    How they gonna keep the brain alive for that long?

    1. It is not for the brain or other body organs. It is about digitalizing it to avoid unnecessary decay process. The brain has to be prepared in complex tasks and steps for that. But the principle here is the same as our computers today. 

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