The Year 10000 – Future Lies Ahead

The Year 10000 – Future Lies Ahead

The year 10000. How does it sound? It looks like we predict the future only for a short period. I mean 20, 30, 50, 100 years…? Maybe so. But…. What if we try to imagine the year 10000 from 2017? It would have to pass another 7983 years to reach the final year 10000. Or you can imagine an even more weird perspective – the year 10217. It is hard to imagine what it would be like. But skip all that crap anyway, which most authors do today, and anyone buys it with no regret of time wasted. Here I will try to put everything I imagine to predict what the year 10000 will look like. And… Do not find any logic in that because space itself is not logical. Here are some predictions, or you can call it imaginations.

Is the future bright?

1. Perception

When 7983 years pass, humanity will probably be dead or be living super well, and the chances are equal. However, I would give more credit for living super well or happily existing.

Building the future

2. Mind

Most of the stuff will be created by our minds. Imagine everything simplified. Let’s say the food industry. 5 to 7 food pills per day got everything you need to live healthily, well and, of course, full. And do not think that is some drug. One capsule will cost a lot. But you will pay for this pill a lot because it will be healthy nutritious with no harm to your body like food does nowadays. One suggestion or conclusion is clear. We are lack food even today. So humanity must think of another way to get good and fresh food and no junk.

3. Space travel

Big nonsense. Nowadays, everyone thinks it is necessary to explore space, trying to leave the Earth in some spaceships. But it is so dumb. Just imagine expenses in that. Probably no one will give it any reliable and needed funds, not to mention that it is dangerous, insufficient and has a big challenge with our life’s capacity. So it is clear from now that some portal will be made which will be cheap, robust, reliable, sufficient and capable of travelling far in a matter of seconds. But I will have to disappoint capitalists in here. All of these projects eventually will have to be almost free. Imagine as a good example Linux or Wikipedia as a comparison. Any attempt to create these projects only by money will fail until humanity realises that some work or effort will be sacrificed for no change.

4. Money

At last. No stupid paper money and no silly inconvenient cards of plastic. I HOPE those small USB-like devices with chips and fingerprints with a blood sample or a chip deep inside your head of your choice. That means it is impossible to steal anything online or offline by any meaning you can think of, and the result will be explosive for today’s stealing. In other words, corruption.

Change the future

5. Cars

One of the men’s most stupid creations of all time. Of course an easy one. There is no room for this sort of population, and humans decided to limit their own space by the crap of metal and four wheels, which is dangerous as hell. We do not need and never need cars to reach destinations. In the future, that recently mentioned crap will be replaced by simple low costing home earth portals and public gateways, which will be not cheap for your real electronic money. However, imagine such a sort of thing today. It is possible to do it, but no one would want that. Imagine saying goodbye to unreliable planes, trains, gas, oil, ships and all other crap of metal that pollutes the Earth and gives some people unworthy authority with money. It would be fair to say that these sorts of things would exist another 9000 years for sure. And only because of the humans’ stubbornness.

6. Law and law profession

Will never die. Why? It is simple. Without Law–there is no living. Law only changes faces but never dies because we are good and evil simultaneously. Of course, less primitive Law will be needed or minor Law with the thoughts mentioned above. It is more likely that the Law will change its shape for good, but the disputes between people will always remain. So the Law too.

The future – a key to success

7. Computing and electronics

All the primitive inconvenient stuff will cease to exist. Finally. Less plastic crap, cables and wires. One possible solution is to chip into your head. Perhaps micro-nano or something. Alternatives would include bending and flexible electronic devices compatible with actual virtual reality or holograms. Just imagine browsing everything on your table at once. Free and crystal clear at millions of Ultra High Definition. It would mean that you may adopt an item for your needs as a computer with tiny devices which will allow you to use it.

Share your thoughts and opinions about The Year 10000 – Future Lies Ahead and focus on technology!

5 thoughts on “The Year 10000 – Future Lies Ahead

  1. From the standpoint of 2018, Mankind, as we know it today, is unlikely to be still around. I’m pessimistic about our long-term survival. There are several crises already on the horizon – climate change, antibiotic resistance, Artificial Intelligence adhering to its own agenda, an increasing rate of animal species going extinct, not enough resources to go around due to overpopulation, food shortages due to decreasing crop yields, wars over access to fresh water. The list goes on.

    And politicians and governments are not willing to commit to unpopular changes and necessary steps to mitigate these disasters because of short-term thinking, being bribed, thinking only as far as their next election, fear of losing their jobs because they upset their electorate.

    We’re not mature enough in our outlook as a species to survive long-term. Humanity is like a teenager, high in ecstasy, at a rave party. Oblivious to the bad consequences of its actions, taking no responsibility for how its acting and having blind faith that everything just work out fine.

    If humanity does somehow manage to survive the next 100-500 years, let alone the next 7982, it’ll probably resemble the Borg from Star Trek than anything else.

    On the conspiracy theory front, some people suggest that they Grays (the aliens allegedly piloting UFOs) are in fact descendants of humans from the far future who’ve come back in time to figure out where everything went wrong and to fix the timeline so that humans, as we recognize them, do survive into the far future.

    Intelligence still has to prove that it’s a good survival trait rather than a destructive one!

    1. I may agree with your opinions and views but I do not think that future people will let that happen and give up so easily. There are some people who try to explore, learn and stop the pollution. I hope the Earth could handle our pace.

  2. The year 10,000 is a long long time away and I think we could survive it if we get smarter about ourselves.
    If we take messages from the past and learn from them I think we will be OK.
    If we create our own future also and not one that is written down I think we could achieve it.

  3. The year 10k will be a glorious year but you don’t think space travel will be a thing? I predict we will have FTL: (faster than light) travel and be well on the way to populating other planets, and perhaps finally prove the existance of another form of life.

    Life on Earth will be wonderous with instantanious data transfer and augmented reality everywhere. Our own eyes will become super computers able to download and provide a heads up display for anything we desire. AI will be able to make conversation and even replace some highly professional jobs such as lawyers and accountants.

    What a wonderful world we live in and anything is possible!

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