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Top 3 Investment Opportunities 2019-2020

top 3 investment opportunities

Lately, we have drafted a post about ‘Economic crisis or just another hoax’? One of our readers pointed out clearly that some tips or guidelines on investing in gold are missing. Seeking to fill in this gap, we introduce our thoughts and suggestions about the top 3 investment opportunities starting 2019.

1. Invest in gold as top investment opportunities

Firstly, it should not be the number one investment opportunity, but it is the most lucrative one if you think about a very long investment. I am speaking about ten and more years. Some say that this investment has disadvantages, but I disagree. The only drawback is time itself. You only need to watch the gold market and sell and buy gold when experts say so. Otherwise, I agree that the loss and minus are inevitable. The other thing you want to do is to make sure you can afford to buy gold because, as everyone knows, gold is costly.

Secondly, do not forget to rent a safe in the bank. That’s right in the bank, but never at home. There are plenty of stories of how gold was stolen from private properties and individuals, and do not make that mistake, especially when accumulating large quantities of gold.

2. Invest in securities as top second investment opportunities

This method requires some knowledge to be able to control your finances. Nevertheless, applying this method, you may need a more considerable amount of money. The minimum investment sums usually start from 3000 to 5000 Eur, which is a significant disadvantage. But the good news is that you can play around with smaller sums like 500-1000 Eur.

Without a doubt, you will need to recalculate and assess all the fees, especially from the bank. Speaking about the term of this investment – the longer, the better because you never know. No one knows what is going to happen in the market. The golden rule is not to rush and take the time to think about plausible risks.

I had an experience when I watched over the securities of a particular investment group (Franklin Templeton). The third party was Swedbank, which distributed the funds. The nature of the fonds was from Japan’s technologies fonds. The risk was dynamic, which means that it was pretty high. After two years, I sold those funds, and my investment got plus 30-35 per cent. Remember that sometimes you need to wait for favourable scenarios much longer. If you sell your fond too soon, you may lose your hard-earned money and get unwanted losses.

3. Invest in borrowing as the top third investment opportunities

This is another excellent opportunity. But the main hurdle is that there may be some restrictions depending on the jurisdiction to open an account in a specific country. This is because of the national banks’ policy of the countries. You can do to avoid this is to lend money in private, for example, posting some ads on the local advertisements websites. But the problem arises here that these people may be unreliable. Thus, the focus should be on private lending platforms looking for less restrictive policies and agreements.


Whenever deciding to invest, make sure you follow your mind and ‘cold mind’ because you can lose your invested money quickly if investing negligently. We purposely skipped other forms of investment like real estate because most people in the world cannot afford that. The three conditions mentioned above of investment may help you reach more results, and the actual outcome may look much better depending on your concrete circumstances.

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