HP Pavilion AMD A10 Radeon Review

HP Pavilion AMD A10 Radeon Review


1) Sound quality is fair

2) Only for lightweight browsing

3) Only one browser experience

4) Perfect for single tasks only


1) Very noisy

2) Slow

3) Lagging

4) Poor battery performance

5) Not suitable even for a heavy browsing

6) Not suitable for multitasking

7) Not suitable for simple work tasks or business

8) Poor security in a Windows environment




This is my review and personal experience about HP Pavilion AMD A10 Radeon, i3 Review. Before the beginning, I would like to stress that it is my true and unbiased personal experience using this laptop for more than two years long. Thus, it is not ordinary or hired biased review by someone as usually is nowadays. This is the true review and experience about HP Pavilion i3, AMD A10 Radeon.

Before buying any laptop

I bought this laptop approximately two years ago in Argos, London, United Kingdom. Before buying I spent a lot of time researching and looking for reviews what laptop should I buy for around 300 GBP. After a lot of reviews eventually, I had to choose from between HP AMD A10 laptop and Toshiba i3 Intel laptop. This was not an easy task because all the reviews and their rating looked quite outstanding and I only found one negative review about HP AMD A10 laptop. At that time I thought that this review was from the person who was not satisfied with this laptop because he lacked technical knowledge or because of his personal reasons. But I was totally wrong.

In the end, I was so disappointed with the HP AMD A10 laptop because it was impossible to work normally. Even the simplest tasks were a real nightmare. It seems that this laptop was made for kids or for the people who do nothing with the working environment whatsoever.

From the above experience, I found out the golden rule. Never trust all the good reviews on the internet, especially in the first Google pages because they may be biased and totally or for the most part untrue.

Why HP Pavilion AMD A10 Radeon is a real nightmare?

The answer is very simple. This laptop is as noisy as a hoover. I recorded the sound of this laptop with my phone so you can listen to this laptop’s emitted sound here: (the recorded sound will be uploaded soon).

This is hilarious. How can anyone work in such a sort of environment? The noise coming from this laptop is unbearable. Another problem we found that this laptop becomes extremely slow after 1-year use. This is totally unacceptable at all because that means you need to change the laptop every single year. For comparison, I used a Toshiba laptop for more than a decade with almost the same specification.

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You cannot multitask with this laptop either. If you try to do some tasks or launch some programs or even internet browsers at the same time the laptop may be stuck for good. Eventually, you will have to reboot or turn off the laptop. The latter is impossible to foresee when buying this laptop.

Overall, I expected much more when I saw that HP offers AMD A10 which I thought will be an advantage against Toshiba’s i3 Intel processor about two years ago. But I was very wrong. The consumer’s expectations failed.


You do not need to be an expert when testing or reviewing some electronic devices, especially laptops. The key thing is to test the laptop according to the consumer’s needs and honest experiences. Therefore, I will never understand those people who write false reviews and advertise the product which is total crap. The reviews of the goods should be honest and revealing but not hidden. Thus, we should respect the people who try enlightening us with clear unambiguous information about the products.

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