Throughout The Galaxies

Throughout The Galaxies

We travelled millions, billions and even trillions of miles. In fact, we are as if lost in time by now. Entering the Milky Way galaxy was easy. But getting out of it… Here lies the truth. Our goal and aim were to escape the Milky Way galaxy and step up to Andromeda galaxy once and for all. When this decision was made it was the hardest and toughest decision of our entire lives. Everyone knew that there would be no way back. Never. This decision was the decision of our team as a huge community. For those who do not know the history of ours, we can enlighten.

Everything began in the year 2256. It was the year of true space exploration. The mission clearly made the accomplishment for the very first time. The first launch of a human space colony was ready to take off. And we did. We did well for the first 15 years. But on the 16th year, we almost died challenging air leak and oxygen problems. A lot of people died. But we survived as a space colony. We dealt with this horrific, deadly and hostile environment. And we have been producing and fighting back with this monster named space since the beginning of our journey. For those who space looks friendly from the Earth… Yes, it looks very comfy and friendly and even romantic from Earth. But once you find that you are billions of miles left from Earth it is another story and thinking. Every single day you must be ready to face that maybe it is your last day. Someone has to monitor this enormous spaceship’s movement and obstacles at all times. Wrong decisions and movements can cost you everything. Asteroids, black holes, comets. This is not the scariest parts in space as it turned out over centuries. But when you face time-lapses, frozen time, unfound rips and holes in time itself which no one can perceive and explain it shakes all your mind and body at once. This is as if the fight with darkness and nothing at the same time.

I am glad that we survived as a space community that long. If our following and monitoring are correct since we left Earth the year 15656 crosses and passes our next way. We do not know what is happening on Earth no more because we lost the contact with Earth a long time ago. It is the huge distance that makes impossible to communicate with Earth. I hope the people on Earth are still alive and do well and good. But who knows.

13 400 years passed since our lift-off. And it is still counting ahead. Finally, we are at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. With so many generations and our constant improvement and technology, we made impossible things possible. We are capable of travelling 50 per cent of the speed of light in a blink of an eye. And if we are lucky enough, we can reach the speeds up to 85 per cent of the speed of light. Thanks to our empty space of course and energy from the stars. With that speed, we decided to make the decision to face the challenge and cross the Andromeda galaxy. But this was an extreme and tough decision because future generations will have to use more labour as never before. Over the next 25000 years from now on their goal will be to reach the speeds of 99 or even 100 per cent of the speed of light. That looks quite impossible at this day. But in 2256 it looked impossible to travel at the speed of even 50 per cent not speaking about 85 per cent of the speed of light. With that speed, we will be able to leave the empty Milky Way galaxy which has no life at all. So much for the past predictions of our Earth scientists that tangible life could exist in Milky Way galaxy. But all we found and monitored are countless planet rocks with no conditions to life whatsoever.

Yes, the speed is brilliant and charming. Without speed, you are nothing at space. You cannot do anything because sooner or later you realize that you are wasting your time and making no progress. Our population now reached 10 million and is still growing. Of course, as you may predict we had to build a lot more room for extra people in space. But the hardest decision was and still is to restrain the number of birth rate in our space community. The rule is simple. Want to give births make some room. Otherwise, die. Similar like centuries ago in China but as you can see loads more strictly. Yes, forget the law or laws that were applied on Earth. There is no democracy and stupid liberal babbling in space. Otherwise, we would have been dead many times by now and we would not even exist. I am only giving thanks to the real conservatives who made this progress possible and who sacrificed their own lives with their own blood. And we finally evolved in technology.

We had to improve our energy as a protective shield facing countless asteroids, space dust and even different radiation amounts in space protecting our enormous spaceship. With terrific speeds, even the smallest particle can cause you huge trouble and wreckage which can cost you years fixing it. Of course, it cost you human lives as well. Therefore, after spending the first 100 years in space we decided to make unbeatable energy shield. We named it ”Tuflux”. Tuflux was the first new-era learning prototype. That means we made an intelligent robotic device. However, this device had a lot of human sacrifices. Luckily, we had a lot of volunteers ending their own lives in that machine. Their brain was directly connected to the machine and constantly tested. Once connected you simply die and there is no way back because robots take you over completely and scatter your body to the atoms in a matter of milliseconds. Those atoms are absorbed by the machine and the learning process continues again and again.

The principle of the energy shield is simple. The shield protects the whole spaceship as the energy of extra layers. That means there is no direct contact or hit with anything up to 100 meters. The closest object throughout our long history in space we monitored was 15 meters. But at that time, we had been achieved our largest speed which was 85 per cent of the speed of light. Tuflux gets 99 per cent energy from space (stars, comets, asteroids and even planets) and we are giving only 1 per cent of our made energy. That is marvellous.  

You may think about how do we live and are capable of dealing with such sort of speeds with no harm to ourselves. It is quite simple too. Over centuries we improved our spaceship so much that you could not recognize it from the inside. From the inside, it looks as if the smaller version of the Earth. Of course, without the sky but with almost all the same features on Earth. It was very hard and tiring work but finally achieved and possible. The gravity, rotation, artificial rain, light, oxygen and many other things which you can find sound and well on Earth. Some people adapted so well that they sometimes forget that it is a flying object at horrendous speeds every second. But that’s a good sign. We finally made a second home somewhere in space and we are proud that we achieved it.

We do not need to be scared of the speed of light tearing us apart because we can firmly say today that our spaceship is a little travelling and rotating Earth in space. We do not feel hazardous effects travelling in tremendous speeds. However, as you may guess our time, lifetime and cycle are very different than those on Earth. Our rotation has only 12 hours so one day means only 12 hours and not 24 like it was always back on Earth.

Believe it or not, we have even cars, roads and cities inside our spaceship. At the moment we are developing plants, lakes, seas, mountains, snow, rain and animals. But this development may take 55000 years looking ahead in the future. Who knows maybe one day we are going to achieve it like we achieved so many great things so far.

Speaking about the future we may expect to find something in the Andromeda galaxy. But some sceptics say that it is going to be the same lifeless galaxy as we experience in Milky Way galaxy right now. Well, I tend to agree with our brightest experts and scientists. But who knows. Our history was made and changed so much since 2256. However, the fact remains that when we enter in the Andromeda galaxy we will be in it for a long time because as you knew this galaxy is much larger than Milky Way galaxy. But it does not matter. The whole universe is our home now. And we can do whatever we want in outer space as a space community of humans as long as the universe exists.

Day by day passes and on the year 16663, we are finally ready to launch our first little spaceships controlled by our robots remotely to the hostile space. This is the project to search valuable resources to our spaceship planet. After a lot of failures in launching, we learned a lot from our mistakes. As our technology and knowledge advanced a lot more over 1007 years we are finally ready to launch our little objects at the speed of 90 per cent of the speed of light. Extra triple energy shields of those spaceships will let to bring all the resources and supplies safely to us. At least we hope. The most dangerous obstacles remain the gravity of other planets, stars, the stability of space and time, collisions with the comets and black holes, space and time rips. We hope that our new era robots will help to deal with transportation and logistics with no problem. But we will see.

The year 18565. This is a sad year. 1902 years passed since 16663 and our new era project launched almost two thousand years ago failed with transporting supplies. We lost a lot of our own resources and even people. We gathered and got some supplies but in the end, it was not enough to cope with the increase of the speed of light and, most importantly, entering the Andromeda galaxy. Nonetheless, a lot of people decided to take off by themselves instead of the robots and travelled in vain for those supplies. They never came back and we do not know where they are up to this day. Our best guess that they are long dead by now because in those hostile conditions you cannot last long. I am saying this as a reminder for those who are trying to split themselves from the main group and this space colony. People are making teams and communities and sometimes overestimate their capabilities to start a new life and their own home. Over time they just simply die. Over centuries we witnessed numerous attempts to pull away from the colony and none of them is alive today. They are all dead. But it was their own stupid but brave decision. The sad thing is that they did not create any value nor for themselves nor for us. This is a huge lesson in humanity’s space history.

To be continued…



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