Where Does The fear Come From? Possible Solutions

Where Does The fear Come From? Possible Solutions

There is nothing worse than fear. Therefore, we can firmly call it one of the worse things ever in the world. We are humans and we feel a lot of feelings. Such complex beings but at the same time quite simple. With our unique minds and creativity, we can do a lot. So why do we feel fear?

1. The fear usually comes unexpected or unexpectedly.

This is sudden or accidental fear which cannot be foreseen. In the chain of circumstances of events, the final outcome can be fear. The question is how far the person is willing to go? Annihilating the fear can be an extreme obstacle for every one of us. Usually, we do not want to sacrifice and especially harm ourselves, because we are afraid. What should we do in this difficult situation? Perhaps the best answer to any particular situation would be to stay alert and use our precious mind. Think before you do approach may not work at all times but it is worth trying. To overcome fear instantly in the unpredicted circumstance is to act quickly. This would be the best solution.

2. Fear can come slowly and build up over time.

Sometimes we cannot lose something or just trying to save at any cost. But this is a profound question about freedom. There is no freedom with fear. Sometimes it is better to refuse something instead of being in constant fear.

3. Someone can force you to experience fear.

Usually, the blame is to the people. However, nature can cause it too. For instance, some people cannot stand thunder, hard rain and other occurrences of nature. And there is no single explanation why.

4. Fear to die.

This is the most complicated phenomenon. We are born, we live and we die. This is our main weakness and limitation. The subject is inevitably related to philosophy and religion. Religious people believe that we have something more than our fragile bodies. That something is our soul. Atheists usually believe that they live only once and death is the last thing you ever remember. There is nothing after this. But the interesting fact is that people believe in something all their lives even without admitting or even knowing for sure. We do like to believe in something, don’t we?

5. Fear comes from the unknown.

That is why we feel very comfortable when we know. But when we do not know it is another story. It can quickly or over time turn to fear. The best solution is to seek knowledge. However, this is not always easy as it may look. We can find a lot of answers and solutions. But do we really know the consequences? A lot of simulations may confirm that uncertainty in our minds still remains even if we found the best answer. The conclusion remains on the best guess in a lot very different scenarios.

6. The fear can be felt because of illness.

No one wants to be ill but sometimes we need to cope with serious damage to our minds. Constant stress, activity and overdoing can cost lives. This is the consequence of our own actions. How we lived, behaved and treated ourselves in our own lives. The best solution is to fight and never give up constantly. People can kill you but people can resurrect you.

7. Fear is natural and comes naturally.

This is the easiest part of the fear and quite reasonable. It is said that it is normal to feel fear because we can avoid death and serious damage to our health. Imagine that you do not fear poisonous spiders. Constantly touching them could end up deadly. There are numerous things in the world which must be watched out for. This is the positive side of the fear thanks to the complex structures of us.

8. Some people choose to end their lives willingly.

This is an example of negative fear which controls you completely. Finally, it costs the person’s life. In many religions, this is kept and perceived negatively. That means the person could not stand with this world and his life for a lot of reasons. That’s why the faith of believing in something despite anything is so important. The crucial point is to cope with obstacles and to have goals. Without them, it is much harder to do anything. Thanks to our complex and unique features that help us recuperate and rethink.

9. Fear can be caused by someone intentionally.

This is one of the worst things to happen. Sometimes it can be hard to avoid bad people. Still, the best advice is to avoid them at all cost. These people bring you negativity all the time. Their motives are often selfish. Self-defence is unavoidable in almost every single situation. The best solution is to fight with legal measures if possible and to avoid contact using all your might. This is extremely difficult to achieve but possible. A lot depends on the person’s ability to be resilient in a negative environment.


The fear cannot be avoided. It must be faced, reasonably assessed and overcome. Positive and the true nature of the mind can teach us infinite possibilities. This gift must be exploited good and well and never be forgotten.



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