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What Entertainment Look Like – in 2021

What Entertainment Look Like in 2021

In 2020, the world was forced into a compulsory lockdown to curtail the spread of Covid-19. This lockdown changed our lives in so many ways. Many people worldwide lost their jobs, while others had a pay cut, and so on. So, what entertainment look like in 2021?

Like other sectors, the entertainment sector was seriously affected by the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The growth of in-home entertainment increased due to the lockdown since many people couldn’t attend the cinemas, sporting events, and other entertainment centres like they used to in the past.

Now, in 2021, the world is gradually returning to normalcy. However, the impacts of the lockdown can still be felt in the entertainment sector. Entertaining has changed in so many ways, and people now entertain themselves in various ways. This post will look at how entertainment changed in 2021.

Increase in Online Streaming

Presently, some entertainment centres operate, but not at total capacity. Despite this, many people now prefer entertaining themselves using online video streaming services. Many people have become used to this new way of entertaining themselves. For example, many people now use video streaming services like Netflix and others. With these streaming services, people can watch whatever they like without visiting the cinemas.

Even as the world is returning to normalcy, online streaming will keep increasing since many people have become used to it. At the moment, nobody knows when entertainment centres like cinemas will be allowed to operate at total capacity. Until then, people will have no choice but to continue using these online video streaming services.

Increase in The Use of the Internet

The internet served as a significant source of communication for many people during the lockdown period. With the social distancing rules still in place, many people use the internet to connect with their loved ones. Many people now spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As you know, many of these social media platforms have video calling features where people can have face time with their families and friends. This has been very helpful for people who couldn’t visit their loved ones. Many people can easily connect with their loved ones with social media video calling.

Also, there has been a rise in video calling apps like ZOOM. Many businesses that couldn’t operate during the lockdown period could hold meetings and conduct live presentations using ZOOM video conferencing and others. Even as everything gradually returns to normalcy, many businesses will continue using these video calling apps due to social distancing measures. Undoubtedly, the use of the internet has increased and impacted the entertainment sector in various ways.

Rise in Gaming

Since the beginning of the lockdown restrictions, there has been a massive increase in gaming. With the social distancing measures still in place, gaming has been a significant source of personal entertainment for many people. The boredom caused by Covid-19 is so much that the only way many people, especially the younger people, use it in coping with the situation is through gaming.

Many people who cannot visit their friends physically due to social distancing measures put in place by authorities participate in competitive online games with their friends to connect. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing and feeling bored, gaming has been the solution for many people since it helps with boredom. Even as the world continually returns to normalcy, gaming will continue to be a significant source of entertainment for many people.

Increase in Tv viewing

Since the beginning of the lockdown period, the increase in TV viewing has been high. For example, many people who couldn’t go to work during the lockdown period had no choice but to watch TV as a source of entertainment. Due to the social distancing rules, TV viewing has increased in all parts of the world.

For example, most sporting venues, like football stadiums, were restricted from allowing visitors to come in and watch live matches. As a result, many football lovers had no other choice but to watch these matches from their homes. Presently, the restrictions for football stadiums have been relaxed to an extent, but none can operate at total capacity. Many people who love attending live football games have no choice but to watch all games on the TV. Many sports lovers have become used to this new way of living, and even after all the restrictions have been relaxed, many will continue watching their favourite games on TV instead of going to them live in person.

Less Entertainment Events and Shows

Many entertainment events and shows have been cancelled due to the lockdown and social distancing measures. For example, many musicians had to cancel or postpone their musical possibilities. Unlike in the past, where there is always one musical event, this year has been different due to social distancing measures. Many people who love attending these events would have no choice but to wait until all Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. At the moment, some event centres where these shows occur are allowed to operate, but only at a minimum capacity. This has changed entertainment all over the world.

Restrictions on Amusement Park Visits

It doesn’t matter whether you are 9 or 90; amusement parks are always fun to visit. However, from the beginning of the lockdown until this moment, many people worldwide have not seen amusement parks for fun. Amusement parks used to be an entertainment spot, especially for kids.

For example, Disney World used to attract people from all walks of life, and it used to be a fun central fun spot. That’s not the case anymore. Restrictions were put in place for amusement parks such as Disney World to curtail the spread of the virus. Also, the lockdown measures affected Harry Potter Themed Park, which used to be an entertainment centre for many before the onset of the virus. People could no longer visit these parks. However, some of these restrictions on parks have been relaxed recently. Most parks are now allowed to operate at a minimum capacity.

Restrictions on Live Performances

The primary source from which most musicians make money is through live performances. Many musicians worldwide are usually invited to concerts, events, and shows for live performances. Also, many people love attending live performances of their favourite musicians. Some fans can go as far as travelling thousands of miles to see their famous musician or band play.

However, all these have changed since the onset of the lockdown measures. Many music fans could no longer attend live shows and concerts featuring their favourite stars. Restrictions were put in place by relevant authorities to prevent people from attending musical concerts to curtailing the spread of the virus. Though the world is gradually returning to normalcy, the restrictions on musical concerts and shows have been relaxed in some parts of the world. However, it would take some time for musical performances and concerts to pull the crowd they used to pull in the past.

Restrictions on Standup Comedy

Standup comedy is usually performed in cramped locations with close-knit audiences. This threatened social distancing rules, and restrictions were put in place. Standup comedy was seriously affected by the lockdown restriction measures put in place. Many comedians had to postpone or cancel their shows due to it. Also, comedy lovers worldwide couldn’t attend their favourite comedy shows.

However, in 2021, the restrictions on such shows have been relaxed. These comedy shows can now occur, but they cannot operate at total capacity.

TV Productions Halted

Amongst the many things affected by the lockdown restrictions is TV productions. Due to the restrictions put in place, many Tv productions were halted. Some TV productions were suspended, while others were cancelled. The restrictions dealt a blow on Hollywood. Popular TV shows like The Morning Show, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Fight, and more suspended their productions. However, many of these popular shows have resumed production, and hopefully, as the pandemic situation improves, everything will go back to how it used to be in the past.

Like many other sectors around the world, the entertainment sector and industry have changed due to the impacts of Covid-19. Unlike in the past, many people have found a new way of entertaining themselves. The social distancing measures put in place by authorities have changed so many things in the entertainment world. Although the world is gradually returning to normalcy, many things won’t remain the same again. Hopefully, after all the social distancing measures have been completely relaxed, entertainment will go back to how it used to be in the past before Covid-19.

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