The Best Travel Destinations At The End Of Summer 2021

The Best Travel Destinations At The End Of Summer 2021

Around September, the warm summer weather slowly fades into breezy autumn. Yes, the summer season has come and gone, but your vacation season is far from over. Moreover, the choice between a restful or active vacation lies with you. The unsung vacation period is here. School activities have resumed, travel destinations are less crowded, making it the perfect time to take advantage of the reduction in prices of accommodation, attractions sites, and flight tickets.

Are you far behind on deciding which travel destinations to visit at the end of summer 2021? You don’t have to fuss about it, and we got you covered. Whether trying to avoid the large crowds or prolong the summer, we have chosen five travel destinations that remain dazzling in the glow of fall.


Bali is an Island in Indonesia known for its beaches, iconic rice paddles, coral reefs, and forested volcanic mountains. Bali is one of the top places to be after summer. There is virtually no rainfall during this period, and the temperature is usually warm and receptive. You have plenty of choices for places to explore around the region. From the COMO Shambhala Estate, a refuge for luxury travellers seeking spiritual consultation with Chakra healers and Hindu water blessings, to the eclectic Canggu shops, and the Ubud rainforest Island, you are sure to have the best of fun in Bali.

We suggest booking a resort or hotel where you can stay on arrival and enjoy the whole experience of the island in one spot. Bali uses Indonesia’s Rupiah currency. It would be best to come with US or Australian dollars to secure the best exchange rates. Many local foods like Nasi Goreng, Babi Guling, Lawar, Satay, and many others. You should try these foods to experience the essence of Bali right on your plate.


You are probably among the luckiest people in the world if you find yourself in Spain at the end of summer 2021. Spain is usually drier and warmer during fall compared to other European countries. The county is loved for its stunning scenery, easy-going culture, and delicious meals. Asador Etsebarri, Arzak, and Azurmendi, are the top places to dine. Spanish cousins offer enssential meals such as Paella, Gazpacho, Jamon, Tortilla Española, Pisto, Sagria, etc. Don’t leave Spain without trying these foods.

Cities like Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid offer unique traditions, festivals, and must-see sites. Autumn festivals in Spain include National Spain Day, Wine Harvest Festival in La Rioja, and honouring two patron saints in Barcelona- La Merce Barcelona. Visit Churraís for spongy fried doughnuts and hot-thick chocolate. You can also explore Seville to confirm its claims of being the largest wooden city in the world.


If you want to explore different places this autumn, Italy is the best travel destination to consider. You can schedule a stay at the blissful 20 rooms of Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel in Amalfi Coast to experience the colourful settlements along the coastline like the romantic gardens of Ravello and the show-stopping scene at Positano. Alternatively, you can visit Tuscany to participate in the Sagre harvest festival of mushrooms, chestnuts, polenta, and pumpkins. Other places to stay include Hotel Danieli, Four Seasons Hotel Firenzi, and Bulgari Hotel Milano.

Italy is famous for many things, from the historical monuments, arts, sculptors, and coastline, there is the endless natural beauty. Italy is known as the birthplace of pasta and pizza. Other food to try out are creamy galeto, bruschetta, panzenella, focaccia bread, etc. Italy’s top attractions are Trevis Fountain, Vatican City, Colosseum, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.


The Bavarian capital has lots of activities going on at any time of the year, but you should visit the city after summer to enjoy the old-school rustic vibes. Munich is home to numerous museums and centuries-old buildings. It is difficult to say which view is the most appealing in Munich during autumn as there are so many places and things to explore. You can start from pure relaxation in the Sauna to the golden autumn walk through the Hirschgarten and Nymphenburg parks. Also, enjoy the vista view of the Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower), and Alter Peter (St. Peter’s Church) from the scenic points.

Several tourists worldwide visit Munich to drink millions of beer gallons for Oktoberfest. Obazda, haxen, pretzels, and bavarian sausage are popular foods to eat. You should also experience the start of the folk festival, wiener dog races, conquer the skies with stunt kites, and get to know Munich through its markets and museums. Some of the places to lodge are Wombat’s, the City Hostel, Jaeger’s Munich, and Meininger Hotel.


Discovering the French island of Corsica this autumn will probably be the best travel decision you’ve ever made. The colourful contrast of the cities, beaches, and coastline; the marquis’ fragrances combined with sea air; the aroma of gastronomy present in the land, exploring the island at this time is an excellent way to rediscover your senses. The typical dishes to eat in Corsica include grilled fish, charcuterie, bouillabaisse, fiadone, and many others.

Corsica is an outdoor paradise with beautifully sited landscapes. Touring the roads is the best way to explore the awe-inspiring viewpoints fully. You can get on the mountains in the morning before the sun rises to admire the Bavella Needles’ summit, while the beach of Palombaggia is the best relaxation point for the afternoon. Some towns with mesmerizing views are the Golf of Porto, Sanguinaires islands from Ajaccio, Lavezzi Islands, Cliffs from Bonifacio, etc. This beautiful island is the best travel destination for a restful fall vacation.

In Conclusion

With the travel destinations provided above, you can rest assured of fun-filled autumn. Whether you want to embark on an adventure trip, city break, honeymoon, or family reunion, these are the best travel destinations at the end of summer 2021.

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