Does Žalgiris Kaunas Have A Chance To Win Against FC Barcelona On 26/11/2021?

Does Žalgiris Kaunas Have A Chance To Win Against FC Barcelona On 26/11/2021?

This season Žalgiris experienced a total fatality. But everyone would agree that Žalgiris never gives up quickly in Euroleague. So, the intriguing question is, does Žalgiris have a chance to win against Barcelona this Friday on 26/11/2021?

Looking back to this year’s standings, Barcelona dominates further in the Euroleague’s elite. Currently, this team is first, and Žalgiris is at the bottom. Paradoxical, but Žalgiris will have to meet the team at the top in this year’s achievements and results so far.

This would automatically conclude that Žalgiris would be no match against Barcelona in this week’s round 12. However, we must not ignore history either. For example, it is worth mentioning that two seasons ago in 2018-2019, Žalgiris had managed to win a fantastic streak and finished just on time, beating Real Madrid, who was the Euroleague’s champions of 2017-2018. This victory advanced Žalgiris to the playoffs.

Regarding this Friday’s game, if Žalgiris would fight like in the 2018-2019 season before the playoffs, this team would start rising from the ashes in 2021-2022.

I purposely missed the rooster of the teams today and back then because Žalgiris proved many times in the Euroleague’s past that players play but not the teams’ budgets.

If Žalgiris catch the concentration and focus from the start, we may see another spectacular game as it was in the 2018-2019 season against Real Madrid.

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