Make Online Money Programs

Make Online Money Programs

Many countless posts online say that you can make money online. That’s good news, and the bad news is many of them are a total waste of time or useless. Here I will make a list of possible profitable making online money programs. Yes, you understood it right. I said potential opportunities because the programs mentioned in this list will not be suitable and beneficial for everyone. Some of the programs would offer you an extra income only and some stable online income all the time. This list will be updated from time to time depending on the feedback, experiences, and results of the programs which pay.


It is an interesting and promising system which pays you high commissions. Basically, you get everything you need in one place to make money online. You get the training, free training material, promotion material. The company does everything for you, from getting traffic and bringing the leads to making social posts, graphics, funnel pages and email marketing.

However, there is a monthly fee of 99 USD. Despite that, working with this system, you can quickly buy-back and exceed the amount of 99 USD per month.

You can sign-up for free and get 20 USD for completing the training of unit 1. If you complete unit 3, you will get an extra 27 USD and the total amount will be 47 USD. This amount is your first monthly fee, which can be withdrawn later. The minimum pay-out is 50 USD only. The commissions are paid every week to your PayPal account or other chosen payment method.   

This program is worth registering because you will get 33 percent of commissions from every purchased membership of 99 USD. There are plenty of additional commissions in the program as well, such as 50 percent commission if you become a VIP member, additional commissions from solo ads purchases and clicks and commissions form other products.

For a 99 USD monthly membership, you will get 30-150 monthly leads which can easily exceed your monthly paid amount. Also, you can promote the system additionally where you will get much more ROI (Return of Investment). That means as soon as you register and get paid membership, you will start getting traffic and leads immediately. You can make money online while learning and studying the whole system.

You will find Solo Ads in this link here.

The main products of the program:





Product: VIP







As you can see, the opportunities are endless. The company keeps updating and getting new products every year where you can get big commissions.

With the membership, you will get live training, Q and A sessions, your mentor and availability to speak via Zoom in the live meeting and refine your expectations. This way, all the important questions to you can be asked and discussed.

You may find some negative reviews or comments on websites like Trustpilot. This is quite normal. This system will not be suitable for everyone. We checked those comments, and it seems they are from people who did not complete the training, have poor affiliate marketing knowledge, do not want to learn and want everything for free. Well, as you probably imagine, this is business. No matter what the business is, you have to invest something to get some ROI. Of course, there are risks too, like in every business. That’s how the economy works in real life. It’s quite simple. But if you see that you get some profit from the particular business model, there is no reason not to try the opportunity out. It is always up to you to decide and select what is best.

Keep in mind that this system will require some patience at the beginning because you will find a lot of learning material.

Like every system and program in real life, this system also has some PROS and CONS.


  • ability to start earning commissions fast
  • huge ROI
  • free training, material, help and support online
  • free traffic, design, graphics, email and social marketing and extras


  • some system sections are not available straightaway after becoming pro member
  • extra fees for paid traffic
  • extra fees for some products if you are not VIP


Comparing PROS and CONS, the system and promoted methods are reliable. Currently, the system has more than 120 000 subscribers and a lot of members getting commissions every week. This is a good proof, potential and perspective for every new member.


Debitum offers investment opportunities. But as always, be cautious and do not lose your head. Always read all terms and conditions before investing any money. This is an affiliate offer.

The minimum investment starts from 50 Eur.


This is another crypto trading platform. There are some bonuses and rewards and referral systems. If you find this service suitable for you, you are welcome to test it as well.


This is an engaging cryptocurrency-based social media platform. You can make money from your content. Pro version costs 40 USD per month, where you can get paid as a creator or brand. Minds also launched a white-labelled social network and mobile app to start your social network. The cons of Minds is that there is a lot of junk. Therefore, you may need to turn the filters on to filter unwanted content.


This video platform is an alternative to YouTube. Of course, I would not say that it is a fair competitor to YouTube, but sort of as a beginner.


This is a good platform for crypto publishers. You are writing contests, prize pools and more! However, you need to be precise in evaluating the time and effort you put into this opportunity because some tasks do not pay much first.


This is an online gig opportunity primarily for native English-speaking or other specific local language speaking engineers, IT specialists, technicians, business owners, etc. You can get up to 300 USD or more per 60-90 min. completed tasks remotely via Zoom and similar video platforms. The referral system is also great because you can get 20 USD per referral if they meet the tasks properly.


This is an exciting investment project and idea. Lend €1 for 24 hours and earn great interest using investment loops, Investment Affiliate Offers. You should start investing from 50 Eur.


This is a good service for publishers to make online income. You can get paid for blog posts, social media posts, video posts, product tests, etc. The rate depends on your blog, website quality and ratings, and the same applies to social media accounts.

The website explains that ‘For each new publisher you will receive a onetime payment of €30. The new publisher merely needs to generate a turnover of at least €10 within the first 12 months after his registration. For each new advertiser, you will receive a commission of 8% of their monthly invoice amounts starting from the day of their registration and for a total period of one year’.

All in all, this is an excellent opportunity for bloggers.


This is another making money opportunity for bloggers, paying $20 per referral. Most offers come from the USA and UK.


This is another excellent program for publishers. However, your domain authority (DA) must be 20 if you want to participate in this program.

It offers a great affiliate program. The website explains that the ‘Affiliate Program allows you to earn $25 for every referral made at least one purchase and recurring 5% commission from every $1000 spent by your referrals on our platform’.

The subscription service is 9,99 USD per month.

You can earn up to 269 USD on each sale on this affiliate dropshipping program. This program is also helpful if you run a dropshipping business.


This is an excellent opportunity for online jobs and gigs. You can get up to 100 USD per referral. You can also hire online business and marketing experts or advertise your expertise and knowledge.


Invitation Code: QxwQyv

For each new user invited, you will receive part of transaction fees from the invitees as a bonus return, whoever is trading at KuCoin each time. From time to time, you will receive opportunities to take part in various free money prize pools, bonus programs or free crypto.


This is a money exchange service with integration of crypto. The point is there are no fees when depositing through KuCoin or similar programs. There is a strict verification process to verify your identity for money laundering prevention. Therefore, you may see a lot of negative comments or the reviews on the internet. Usually, these people are scammers or related to fraudulent activities. That’s why their accounts are being banned. As a result, they bash Advcash with no evidence or reasonable grounds. For SEPA payments and deposits from your bank account, you will need a second verification to verify your address. Make sure you follow detailed guidelines on how to verify the address correctly. Otherwise, your address will not be confirmed. SEPA payments allow you to pay 1 Eur fee for the deposit despite the transferred amount.

Although the roots of this company are from Russia, this company does not seem related to politics and work independently. This conclusion comes from the Belize Financial Services Commission (FSC). The company has the licence approved through FSC. Headquarters of the company is also in Belize. The latter shows this company can stand aside from Russia at any time if anything goes wrong. At the moment, Ukraine suffers from the aggression of Russia, so all the world must support the Ukraine as much as possible. We encourage people from Russia to help the Ukraine directly or indirectly as much as possible and in every way, if possible.

The company cares about security. There are 8 security protocols and systems already implemented on the website and servers. The 9th security protocol is under way and being implemented.

The partners of this company are such crypto leaders like Binance, BitGo, Kraken, Bitsamp, OKCOIN, Crystal. So, it brings in more reliability for the company.

The company offers its Europe and Global debit and credit cards called ADV cards. Europe cards do not require maintenance fees.

All in all, this company tries to be independent in financial business. The referral system pays 20 percent commission from 1st level referrals.


Invitation ID: ML7F3Y5X

This is a system of all cryptocurrencies in one place. You can follow and analyze all the charts and graphics, get the latest news and, most importantly, educate and learn about crypto investments.

The referral system is based on diamonds collection, where later it can be redeemed for the rewards. Most of the rewards come with NFT. This is an excellent opportunity because we all know how lucrative NFT can be.

This is an online payment system for a personal use and business. The reward system is excellent. You can also advertise your online shop for affordable prices.

Earning payouts are explained here:


This is an integrated domain, hosting and website creation system. It is good for niche websites, quick online shop launch and funnel pages. You can start running it for free.

We recommend getting 23 USD monthly package because you will get:

  • A custom domain name
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 500 USD Free Advertising
  • Social Integration
  • 5 Business Emails
  • SEO Tools
  • Unlimited Contact Forms
  • Unlimited Slideshows & Galleries
  • 40 GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Membership Features
  • Unlimited Styles & Effects
  • Online Store
  • Lightning Fast CDN

Affiliate earnings and benefits are also great:

make money online programs

You get paid $12.50 for each person who upgrades to a WebStarts Pro account, $18 for each person who upgrades to a WebStarts Pro Plus account, and $25 for each person who signs up for a Pro Plus and Shopping Cart account.

10 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $187.50 per month
100 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $1,875.00 per month
1000 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $18,750.00 per month


This is another opportunity to start making money and online business fast. You can easily create niche websites, templates and funnel pages without huge efforts and time. With paid campaigns through Bing Ads, Google Ads, etc. you can easily start off. This program is like Webstarts.

The earning opportunities and affiliate program are also great:

Make Online Money Programs
Make Online Money Programs

We recommend getting a premium Profi package because you will get:

  • A free domain.
  • 7 GB Storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Usage of your own domain. You can connect unlimited domains.
  • Premium Support.
  • Form builder.
  • Extended website statistics.
  • 100 Email accounts.
  • Video background.
  • Online store.
  • Integrated Google Analytics and AdSense.
  • Unlimited membership registration.
  • Multiple language versions (except a translation of your own content)
  • Unlimited Backup and recovery.

Working together with Webstarts you can double your earning potential pretty quick if you put enough effort, time, tactics and learning.


This is an impressive forex and crypto trading system. You will find plenty of opportunities here. Demo account, automated trading strategies, copy trading are also available. We recommend taking trading tests and update your trading knowledge and skills regularly. This way you will learn a lot and minimize the risks.

AAAFx was founded in 2008 and its headquarters are in Athens, Greece (member of the European Union), EU regulated by the HCMC. Currently employing 70+ people, within the past 5 years the company has successfully opened thousands of live accounts from 176 countries globally.

AAAFx offers an in-house live customer support-trading desk in 11 languages, as the primary focuses are to offer both an exceptional trading experience and outstanding customer support.

Because of its partnership with the Zulu Trade platform, AAAFx provides auto-trading services with no cost to its valued customers. Trade execution on this platform is quick and easy and trading is available on all mobile devices.

The minimum deposit required for a live AAAFx account is 300 USD. It is possible to open an Islamic account with zero swaps for religious reasons. Anyone of Islamic faith can apply for a swap-free account; the only restriction is that a regular (non-Islamic) account cannot be held at the same time as an AAAFx account.

Institutional clients are welcome at AAAFx, too. The required deposit for an Institutional Account with favorable spread starts from $100 000 USD. There is also a corporate account for business clients.


  • AAAFx is fully integrated with ZuluTrade and thus no extra fees for their service and fast execution with the least possible slippage.
  • EU Regulated Trustworthy Broker.
  • Offers a variety of types of accounts: individual, Islamic, corporate, foreign corporation, institutional accounts.
  • Cryptocurrencies are available to be traded along with forex pairs, indices and commodities.
  • 24/5 multilingual customer support is available over live chat, phone and email.

Remember, this is not a lottery or gambling and you should take all precautions necessary to trade effectively. But with the strategies and assistance offered by Zulutrade, you should be able to break the ice and make your trading profitable. However, do not forget to learn, study and analyze daily, weekly, monthly. It is up to you. The more efforts you put, the greater result you will have.


This is a money forum where you can extend your affiliate marketing experience and knowledge, share your ideas and opinion, find new ways to earn income online.

MLM Gateway

We have not thoroughly tested this service and product, but for some people, it works. All you need to do is find good affiliate products for the promotion. This is more online business opportunity and not exceptionally MLM. But be aware that you may find direct MLM among other offers, which in most cases are not good at all.

Find all other make online money programs and opportunities here!



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