About Religion And Reality

About Religion And Reality

Christianity is just one of many forms of religion and often depends on the customs and traditions of the country. Just because you are or belong to Christian (Catholic) status doesn’t mean you’re really a believer. It is certainly not enough to go to church alone or to confess oneself to be a believer. Yes, acknowledging yourself as a believer is already good. But on the other hand, it still needs to be proven by its good works, love, self-improvement, and finally what is the hardest thing in the world to achieve, spiritual perfection. The proof and existence of God is proved not by any religion or religion in general (or by religion alone) but by the mind of each of us, who, like everything we see (all atoms and other chemical elements) given and created by God.

We humans have gathered many names, concepts, things, even unnecessary things, but we have forgotten who is the real and invisible to us. People say there is no God because they do not see it. But how would you answer the question: “Do you see the air”? Man can breathe because only God sustains man’s life, because without the air, we would neither live nor exist. So, it is with God. You will not see God because he works and “lives”, if you can call it that, in another or even other dimension that is incomprehensible to us, where no Pythagorean and similar laws of science, mathematics, physics are valid, and they collapse there. This is because they are inexplicable to man, foreign to him, and not even understood by his weak mind. Expecting everything to be out of nowhere is more than naïve. Nothing ever emerges from anything. Even a person needs another person to reproduce. Try to put the assigned cubes in the box and just shake that box vigorously 3 times. Then open it and see if anything was made. Well, I don’t think you’ll see any solid cube or other three-dimensional body when you open it. This is also the case with the entire world and our whole “tiny” universe, which seems huge to us because we are smaller than ants. Look at them if you don’t believe and see if they’re that big.

About religion and reality

Atoms and other particles certainly did not form on their own. A mass of formulas and scientific theories, theorems, and finally axioms can be applied, but the ultimate point of reference will still be an impasse: alien to our minds and, of course, incomprehensible. A comparison of a child trying to scoop out the sea with a spoon is very appropriate here. Just as that child will not scoop out the sea with a spoon, so man does not have many opportunities to learn all the truth and mysteries. There are simply things that are impossible for us to know and comprehend, at least not in our own form.

You can say as much as you want, but try to deny the existence of God to yourself. No matter what day you look at it, i.e., in the sense of humanity and Earth’s age, it is not possible to do that. In addition, everyone has the right and freedom to choose: to believe, not to believe, and so on. But in the end, things will be as they should be. And only Almighty God Himself knows this. So, forget those human-invented concepts, things that make life more comfortable and easier, and at the same time, if you want to at least somewhat guess or imagine what God is like as an entity and what we humans call it. There is neither time nor man-made laws in God’s world, because it is no longer man’s possession and man is there as a “guest.” Perhaps we were created in this dimension for God to see for himself what would come out of creating such a complex mechanism as a man. Maybe we are just a reflection of him in his picture? And maybe that force wanted to create something like itself and maybe saw that it’s good for creating some kind of creation in general.

Of course, the above truths (including Christianity) are recognized by different religions, although only one God knows how it really are, and he knows best: the cause or causes of us and everything around us. Therefore, the purpose of our life is to do God’s will. And to do God’s will is to live our temporary life on Earth and do the appropriate work that will either please or dislike God (not the church, the clergy, the popes, or other people). So, it is not the scriptures and manuscripts that are written by men that awaken man’s faith in God, but man’s own perception (faith) and the knowledge deep down somewhere that there is one who is more powerful and who manages and watches everything. True, the scriptures can be useful (especially in the New Testament) because they are based on the teachings of Christ, the sender of God, on Earth. The only drawback, however, is that they have been rewritten from generation to generation and can therefore lead to inaccuracies in some places and, of course, as a result, it is impossible to avoid contradictions.

Some statements about the Old Testament

About religion and reality

We should not be ignorant and malicious in applying the Old Testament alone without regard to the New Testament. The New Testament is the very instructions and interpretations of Christ that correct the errors and inaccuracies of the Old Testament. So, we should read it well first, and only then make assumptions and conclusions if we wish so. It should also be borne in mind that the Old Testament was and has been in force for a very long time, and at that time, the perception of the laws and customs of the same people was very different. By the way, Christ did not even exist at that time, so the people themselves interpreted and understood the Old Testament in their own way, according to the provisions of that time and their perception. As a result, in the past, for example, thieves had their fingers and hands chopped, and today this is not common. Each of us of our own free will can choose and accept what seems more acceptable and desirable to us, and our ideologies should not be tamped by force. It is possible to introduce, invite people to think and talk about it, and discuss it, but in no way to impose it against the will of other people. Man himself knows best what he chooses, what he wants and how he wants. We have corresponding consequences, as it is free to choose to do anything.

The conclusion is with one comparison from the New Testament:

“Let’s leave both weeds and good crops to grow together and don’t try to uproot those weeds, because we can damage the good ones by digging. When they are ripe and grow up, and the time is to reap, the good grain will be preserved, and the weeds will be thrown into the fire and burned.”

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