Best SEO Solution – Website Review

Best SEO Solution – Website Review

Today, we have many business services opportunities online. However, it comes with substantial risks, too. One of the leading industries is SEO services online. Here we will review best SEO solution website and traffic.

best seo solution
best seo solution
best seo solution

As you can see from the first glance, it looks a reliable website traffic source. But do not be deceived by what you see. You may never receive actual website traffic from this website. There will be no reflection or data in Google Analytics as well. But you will receive a fancy advertising despite this fact beforehand.

best seo solution

Last year, we ordered some unlimited traffic services from this “company” or and “individual”. To be honest, we do not know even how to call it.

We tried to contact them everywhere: writing emails, on Facebook, via their website and contact forms. No answer was received whatsoever. It seems they just vanished.

Website traffic scam

We tried to even contact the PayPal. But PayPal could not assist because 180 days had passed. According to their terms and conditions and policies after that period, there is a limitation.

Website traffic scam

Perhaps Best SEO solution knowing this did not bother to get back at us. Who knows. Luckily, we did not lose much, around 49 USD testing this so called “SEO and traffic service”. Therefore, we inform and warn you to keep alert and suspicious of these websites which offer cheap traffic and promises you a fortune. If it is too good to be true, it is probably a scam or poor traffic. This is the reality.

Some time later, we received a message to Facebook from the best SEO solution explaining that they did not see our response. They put the link and metrics on, stating that they sent the traffic. However, we did not see any actual traffic via Google Analytics. We found out that the latter could be caused because of two reasons. The first one is that we do not use Facebook Pixel on our website, so there is no reflection of Facebook traffic. The second one is that there is no actual traffic because other social engines like YouTube were showed as well.

All in all, even if you get some social traffic, you will not receive the direct links and hits. You will get abstract links like,, etc. That means you will not get any sales or potential sales from this traffic because it is automated or bot traffic. Your website or offer will be just scrolled down and left behind as if nothing had happened.

As you can see, it is difficult to spot well masked poor traffic or bot traffic. But you can do something to get your own insurance policy:

1) You need to fulfil due diligence. Analyse the website’s reputation online, reviews, etc.

2) Analyse website’s terms and conditions and policy. Pay attention to the website’s latest posts and news. If you find very outdated content like posts one year or even two-three years ago, be cautions that the website may be misleading. If you cannot find credible information or it raises any suspicions, do not pay for the services.

3) If you cannot find any reviews or credible information, online be cautious buying anything from the website. It is a huge red flag that the website is a shady one or even a scam. We advise not to buy any business services if there are no reviews or feedbacks online. Otherwise, you may risk losing all your money with no chance to recover.

4) Never pay with debit or with credit card only. Instead, pay with PayPal or other reliable electronic money provider where you may raise a complaint if anything goes wrong. Keep in mind that there is a limitation, so never delay making a query.

5) Finally, even if you decide to pay money for the business services online, test it first with the smallest amounts possible and see the results for yourself. Never pay huge amounts beforehand because it could be a total wasteland.

We hope that this review will add up and be useful for everyone fighting with poor or bot online website traffic. Share posts like this one as much as possible that everyone could be warned about shady business practices.

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