EU Business Register Scam

EU Business Register Scam

Today we come across with many advertising emails. However, we also get a lot of spam and misleading emails. One of them is EU business register scam.

Typically, you will receive misleading spam email with the form of EU business register. In the form, you will find information that updating is free of charge. However, in the order section, hard to read sentences are provided where you will be charged 995 Eur per year to place your company’s information in the registry. That’s misleading and hidden clause. The name of the form is even placed inaccurately because EU registry should be free of charge.

We would like to pay attention that this company or whatever scam it is using companies’ data illegally. First, it uses EU registry name, which is misleading. Second, they provide you with the form which is misleading as well. Third, they hide fees in the changed hard to read script. Fourth, they make a false impression that their services are free of charge. Usually, you will get fraudulent emails like these, which require paying some fees.

EU business register scam

If you send emails to them explaining that you revoke your agreement to pay anything to them, no one will respond to your request. They will keep sending you emails to pay illegal fees. Moreover, they will use your company’s details illegally as well, despite your written request not to use your company’s details.

We strongly advise not to pay “service fees” for such people and companies because it is fraudulent activity. If you deal with this scam, report to the Netherland’s police immediately. You will find contact form here. Fill in this form if you receive fraudulent emails from Netherlands.

The best advice is not to fill in and not to send suspicious forms or respond to suspicious emails in the first place. If for some reason you did that by mistake, do not pay any fees and report to the police.

Businesses lose millions every year because of scam activity online. We mut remember those figures and act wisely online. Let’s be safe and responsible.

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