How to lose weight fast – effective training methods

How to lose weight fast – effective training methods

Today you can find a lot of prepositions, advertising, and other fancy stuff how to lose weight fast online. However, all these programs, training sessions and plans could cost you a lot. Sometimes you just cannot afford to spend that much on effective training methods. On the first thought, you may think about dropping off everything. But on the other hand, you may have some tricks up your sleeve.

First, if you want to lose weight fast, you need to focus on running outside. But you need to prepare for that. Before running, we highly recommended it to choose the right running shoes. You should search for foot testing services at the specialized local shops or supermarkets. This is how you match the exact running shoes.

Second, never run outside in winter or when it is slippery. You may injure yourself and it is not worth to take such high risks. If you decide to run in winter, make sure it is safe and there is no slippery surface. According to the temperature and when it is cold outside, it is best to have thermal sports clothing: a T-shirt, long sweats, long-sleeved tracksuit, sports gloves and running cap. It is advisable to have sports running watch because you will know how many calories you burned, running distance and other vital parameters. If you decide to run at night, make sure you have proper lighting because you do not want to fall unexpectedly.

Third, try to run every second day. One day should be set aside to rest, and the other is for training outside. Before each running session, you will need to do warm-up running of 2-3 kilometres. After that, you may start your normal training by increasing running speed and pace. Never run fast without warm-up on the steep surfaces because you may pull a muscle. It may take months to recover and could affect your training and your results.

Fourth, do not stretch out before running. Stretching exercises should be made after running. It is advisable to do slow recovery running every week to relax tension on your body.

Fifth, try to run in the parks, forest trails and so on. But make sure it is safe to run there because in USA, Canada and other bigger countries there are plenty of places in nature where you can come across with wild animals such as grizzly bears, cougars, bobcats etc. Do not cross their zone and path.

Sixth, try not to run or run less on the sidewalks near the busy roads. Exhaust emissions from cars are very dangerous for your health.

Seventh, run at your own pace. Do not overdo it. In the first weeks of running, you should not exceed 5 kilometres, especially if you have not trained for ages or never trained. Sometimes, you may need to start with 1-3 kilometres only. When you see you are fit enough, you may increase the running range and pace. Normally, if you want to lose weight, you may need to exceed 10 kilometres of running. Ideally, cover 15-21 kilometres after months of running and when you are prepared enough to cover such long distances. When you reach the point when your weight is optimal for you will have to decrease the distance to 5-10 kilometres again. Otherwise, you will lose your weight rapidly and it may not be good if you want to keep bigger muscle mass.  

Keep in mind that if you have a bigger weight exceeding 100 kg, you may need to walk first on steep hills, upgrades, forest trails, etc. You will also need to cover long, plain distances on foot.

Eight, if it is hot outside, try to run with 0,5-1 litre bottle of still water. You do not want to overheat your body and harm your health. At first it will be more difficult to run with extra weight, but after some time you will get used to it. If possible, choose the shadow places in the parks of forest trails when it is hot outside.

Ninth, if you want to increase your strength you should run on the stairs, hills, upgrades, grass. But do this extra hard training at your own pace.

Tenth, choose supplements for running. You should have at least two types of supplements: before running to reduce fatigue and after running to recover your muscles. It would be best if you consult with a professional or do your research on what supplements are the best for you.

Eleventh, the hardest part may be to train at home. You will need a bit of extra space in your room. Make sure you open the windows when training because you will need a lot of fresh air. Here’s what you need to keep your effective training methods:

1) Mini mat.

2) Some 6-10 kg dumbbells. It is best when you have adjustable weight dumbbells. Ideally, you should have 6 kg non-adjustable and up to 20 kg adjustable weight dumbbells. The weights can be variable depending on your capabilities.

3) As an extra option, it is good to have bands, chin-up bar, heavy balls and similar additional equipment like work-out gloves.

The exercises at home should be in the non-stop pace for cardio, for example, hops, sit-ups, small and quick jumps, etc. The other part of training should comprise press-ups, push-ups, dips, and similar exercises on your whole body. This also includes exercising with dumbbells. The ideas how to do these exercises could be found on the internet, like on YouTube, etc. You should not pay for these exercises. Anyone can do them with a bit of creativity. If you want to train specifically according to the sports programs, you can try T25 or similar sports program. The sports programs like these are ideal to train at home.  

You should not run that day if you are training at home. After training at home, give yourself at least one day’s rest before running if necessary. Do not mix the running outside and training at home because your muscles will need some rest. You can mix your training only when you do recovery running outside.

We will not speak here about nutrition or diet. It is well known that the diet programs cost a lot of money and should be applied individually. It could help to lose or maintain your weight properly. But thinking about how to lose weight fast should not be about artificial programs and methods because you need the results here and know and in the shortest period possible.

We do not think that a person should be worried and concerned about what he eats all the time. That’s not how it works. Of course, it is good to have nutrition plans and programs, but it should not become an obsession which can even harm your health. Applying effective training methods like regular running and training at home can help you achieve outstanding results in short periods.  

The most of your money is required to spend for running and training at home equipment and gear. But it is a very sufficient method if you want to achieve significant results quickly and keep your budget low on expenses. Once you get your own gear and equipment, you know it is for good. We genuinely believe that tasks on how to lose weight fast should be not pressurized and be made in an easy and fun manner. All you need is to believe in yourself, a little of motivation, self-confidence, and determination. With that, you can overthrow the mountains.

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