Cheap website traffic – unreliable traffic source

Cheap website traffic – unreliable traffic source

Every day we stumble upon on a lot of websites which offer cheap website traffic on the internet. At first glance, this sort of website traffic looks reliable enough. But as we see, further cheap website traffic is unreliable traffic source in most cases.

First, it seems you can get a lot of traffic on a decent amount of money. But the key problem with this sort of traffic is a bot traffic. You can easily spot bot traffic on Google Analytics and huge bounce rate.

Second, the cheap website traffic often is a junk traffic which does not get you any conversions. It is as if you get real visitors to your websites, but you do not get any leads. This could happen when you advertise on reliable traffic sources like Google Ads, but in a long term it is highly unlikely unless you do not know how to launch and manage marketing campaigns at all.

Third, cheap website traffic could hurt your website rankings on Google or your website’s bounce rate can be huge. It is not always the case, but you should keep that in mind when you later analyse your website’s metrics.

Fourth, cheap website traffic can come from traffic exchange programs, which can really affect your website’s rankings on Google and anywhere on the web.

Fifth, when you look for cheap traffic ideas on the internet you could face with the spam emails problem. This can easily clutter your inbox with unwanted emails. The best option is to create a separate email account specifically for the purpose of testing website traffic. This way, you will be able to sort out reliable website traffic providers.

Sixth, instead of focusing on cheap traffic, only you could focus on organic traffic. You can reach organic traffic through topical authority, next level keyword research and similar methods. Topical authority means that you need to analyse all subtopics in the main article. Next level keyword research is related to the keywords which rank best. But it can be also related to link articles where you prepare a long article of at least 4000 words. That means you can get huge website traffic from one article only.

Seventh, it is crucial to monitor your conversion rate. If it is low and does not get you any results and sales, cut it off immediately. You do not want to waste any money on unprofitable campaign even if the price of the campaign is low. 

Eight, the companies selling cheap traffic can provide with junk ads and spam. This will be a vast problem for your websites and customers’ reputation. Before signing up for advertising account, make sure you review the company’s reputation online.

All in all, always be watchful when choosing cheap traffic alternative online. You should take into consideration numerous factors and parameters.

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