Google Closing Google Business App

Google Closing Google Business App

Google recently announced that Google My Business app will be replaced by Google Maps and Search. But is it a good idea that Google closing Google Business app?

Google Business App was used for a lot of years and looked pretty decent. You could find extra business information on the separate window and, most importantly, on the right-side bar on Google Search.

The other important factor to consider is that Google Maps is a direction to the concrete physical place. It is perfect when your business has a physical location. But if you provide business services virtually or online, the abolishment of Google Business app could be not so great after all.

Certainly, we can expect that Google Maps will be improved and harmonized with the idea of Google Business app as a whole. In this case, the integration should encompass Google Business app features.

It will be interesting to see whether Google Ads services will be improved via Google Maps. It seems that Google Ads services worked quite well using Google Business app. If the advertising results would be reached more efficiently using Google Maps, it would be a welcome feature. There is still a question with posts and products sections in the Google Business app. Those sections are quite important to businesses and should be transferred in some sort of form in Google Maps. There is no doubt that we will see all the features in future and what the services would look like without a separate Google Business app.

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