Euroleague winner 2021-2022 – who will be?

Euroleague winner 2021-2022 – who will be?

The Euroleague’s season is accelerating to the playoffs. After the votes of Euroleague’s teams to abolish the results with Russian clubs, the road to the playoffs changed drastically. It had a huge effect on teams in the standings in the 5-12th places. This basketball season is changeable. The main question is about Euroleague winner 2021-2022 and who will take the title in 2022?

 Euroleague winner 2021-2022

Everyone’s eyes are aimed at FC Barcelona, who took a 1st place in the regular season. However, remembering the last year’s finals failure, there are some doubts whether FC Barcelona will be the champions of this year and claim another Euroleague’s title. Despite this, FC Barcelona still has a better chance of winning this year’s championship. Real Madrid did not demonstrate crushing defeats lately and sunk to the 3rd place in the regular season. This team is now with 9 losses. At the same time, Olympiacos Piraeus reached a 2nd place in the regular season. That’s outstanding result for this team comparing the figures of the last regular season.

Who will meet in the finals and become Euroleague winner 2021-2022?

This is an uneasy question to answer and even predict. The top 8 teams have not begun to play playoff yet. However, we can distinct favorites in the Euroleague’s season 2021-2022.

The first team pair in the finals could be Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. There is no doubt that those teams dominated in the regular season for the most part. It would not be unexpected if they entered easily into the finals this year. But in the final match, the victory should belong to FC Barcelona looking back to the overall statistics and capability.

The second basketball pair may be Olympiacos Piraeus and FC Barcelona. The Olympiacos Piraeus showed some sparks in this regular season and would be tough whoever will meet them. This team has a guard Kostas Sloukas who makes 5.1 assist per game on average. Also, Olympiacos Piraeus is:

1)      5th best team this season on assists

2)      5th team on points scored

3)      4th team on three-pointers attempted

4)      1st team on two-pointers

With these achievements, the Olympiacos Piraeus has the good chance to fight for the title. But in the end, FC Barcelona should be able to outpace Olympiacos Piraeus. FC Barcelona is:

1)      1st team this season on assists

2)      3rd team on points scored

3)      2nd team on total rebound

4)      5th team on two-pointers

5)      2nd team on free throws

6)      1st team on three-point

The third team pair might be AX Armani Exchange Milan and FC Barcelona. The AX Armani Exchange Milan does have impressive statistics on top 5 team leaders in the regular season. However, this team has a forward Nicolo Melli, who is the 3rd best player in the regular season in total rebounds. Also, it is worth mentioning that AX Armani Exchange Milan has a good roster of players like guard Malcolm Delaney averaging 9.4 points per game, a very experienced guard Sergio Rodriguez averaging 8.3 points per game, Devon Hall with 9.9 points per game, Shavon Shields who makes 13.3 points per game, an experienced forward Luigi Datome still with 6.7 points per game, an experienced center Kyle Hines with 8.3 points per game.  

With such a great team configuration, the AX Armani Exchange Milan has a chance to win against FC Barcelona in the finals. But the fight would last until the last seconds and games in the finals.

How about other teams to the finals?

Anadolu Efes Istanbul, Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv, AS Monaco and FC Bayern Munich have chances to advance to the final four. But it should not reach the finals or win the finals. Those teams did not show good and stable game all regular season. Of course, there were some streaks and excellent performances, but overall, it was temporary. The best chances to go to the final four have AS Monaco and FC Bayern Munich. It would be hard to expect Anadolu Efes Istanbul and Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv to advance to the final four unless something unusual happens with the teams’ roster.

Final thoughts

The best chances to be Euroleague winner 2021-2022 has FC Barcelona like the last year. The major difference is that FC Barcelona has even greater chances this year to claim the dreamed victory. However, we must not forget that FC Barcelona will always have constant pressure in the final four and in the finals. This could be a downfall in the end for this team, and other basketball teams may turn this into their favour.

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