Top 10 movies worth watching

Top 10 movies worth watching

Nowadays we have excellent availabilities to watch likable movies online. But the latest movies are not always that good and interesting. Here are the Top 10 movies worth watching as our top 10 pick today.

1. Gone in 60 seconds

This is an older action movie for car fans released in 2000. The main actor is Nicolas Cage. The second super movie star starring is Angelina Jolie. You will find other good actors in this movie such as Delroy Lindo, Timothy Olyphant, Vinnie Jones, Robert Duvall.

The plot of the movie rotates on the idea to redeem debts of one man’s brother in exchange for stealing 50 super cars in just 3 days. Then all the fun begins. This movie is for those who are missing a time back 22 years ago and would want to see well-known actors in their peak. Also, this is one of those movies which you can watch over and over again.

Box office budget of this movie was about 90 million USD and more than 237 million USD gross worldwide.

2. Absolutely Anything

This is quite a funny comedy movie mixed together with sci-fi. The movie was released in 2015. The key actors are Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale. Other known actors: Rob Riggle, Robin Williams (voice cover as a dog in the movie).

The plot of the movie starts with other intergalactic advanced civilization which decide the fates of other planets. One lucky man of Earth will be granted all the superpowers of the intergalactic community for one day to prove that humanity can change and improve for a better civilization. And the adventure begins.

You can watch this movie repeatedly from time to time because it never gets old. The movie keeps its English style or Englishness and is well constructed. This movie will improve your mood for sure and is really worth seeing.

Box office of this movie was 6,3 million USD gross worldwide.

3. The 6th man

This is a comedy, drama, and fantasy movie released back in 1997. The main actors in the movie are Marlon Wayans, David Paymer, Kadeem Hardison, and Michael Michele.

The plot of the movie is a about two basketball players who are brothers and their team seeking to advance to NCAA finals and win the trophy. But during the game, the best player of the team experiences a heart attack and dies unexpectedly. After huge loss, the team looks like collapsing, but a miracle happens, and the dominant player comes back as a spirit to lead the team to the NCCA championship finals.

You will find very funny, sad, dramatic, and even romantic episodes in the movie. Therefore, this movie is great, has good music and rhyme.

Box office budget of the movie was about 11 million USD and over 14 million USD gross worldwide.

4. The time machine

This is a 2002 sci-fi/action movie. The major actor is Guy Pearce. Other actors starring in the movie: Yancey Arias, Sienna Guillory, Jeremy Irons, Orlando Jones and others.

The plot of the movie starts with late 19th century scientist who are obsessed with inventions, technology, and revolutionary ideas in science. Unexpectedly, the fiancé of the scientist dies in an accident. As an outcome of this tragic event, the scientist creates a time machine and travels back in time to reverse the events. But whatever he does, the outcome is irreversible. However, the story continues traveling long ahead to the future.

This movie is worth some attention because you will find some drama, action, good and inspiring music sounds. All in all, the movie itself is very inspirational.

Box office budget of the movie was about 80 million USD and more than 123 million USD gross worldwide.

5. Parallels

This is another sci-fi/action movie released in 2015. The main actors in the movie are Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann and Constance Wu.

The plot takes to abandoned building which is a portal to the parallel universes. The group of people find themselves on a very different Earth and the adventurous journey begins.

We can really conclude that this movie is made for real sci-fi fans. It is simple but at the same time provokes the viewer to guess what is going to happen next. Denouement of the movie is quite interesting too.

Box office of the movie was not clearly unveiled in public.

6. About time

This is a comedy, drama, and fantasy movie released in 2013. The main actors in the movie are Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Margot Robbie and others.

The plot is about a young man who one day learns from his father a secret ability to travel in time. Later, he meets his girlfriend of the dreams, but the events turn sideways. Finally, with the ability to change things in the past, he wins her heart.

The movie is vivacious itself, has a spice of romance and unexpected events and sudden episodes. This is another well-made British movie.

Box office budget of the movie was about 12 million USD and over 87 million USD gross worldwide.

7. Catch me if you can

This is a great biography, crime, and drama movie from 2002. The main actors of the movie are well-known Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen.

The plot is about a young man who wants to be rich at any cost. Sudden divorce of his parents encourages him to change the life fundamentally. Soon, our main actor involves in a huge scam and deception. The FBI tries to catch him, but the little fraudster is always one step ahead.

This is a true story of a skilled young man who managed to deceive many people and institutions. There are a lot of scenes in the movie where situations get really funny. You will not fall asleep watching this movie because the main character crosses different cities and even countries trying to implement his ingenious plans.  

Box office budget of the movie was about 52 million USD and more than 352 million USD gross worldwide.

8. Flatliners

This is an old psychological horror, drama, and sci-fi movie of 1990. The chief actors in the movie are Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin and others.

The plot starts with medical students who want to perform a crazy experiment with their lives. One of them decides to stop his heart and see what exactly happens in after life. After successful performance, the others follow the same path. But they have no clue what is going to happen next after the death experience.

This movie is perfect for those who loved 90s or enjoy sci-fi movies with some horror elements at that time. It is a great opportunity to see again well-known actors young again.

Box office budget of the movie was about 26 million USD and over 61 million USD gross worldwide.

9. Hard rain

This is an older action, crime, and drama movie of 1998. The main actors of the movie are Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Randy Quaid and Minnie Driver and others.

The plot of the movie is about two civil servants or security guards who have to deliver collected money from banks in an armored truck. Unexpectedly, they stuck in a flooded town and have to wait for help in the rain. When waiting, they are assaulted by some armed gang who seeks to get the money. The action and battle of survival begins. Later on, the sheriff and his team turn up for assistance, but as it turns out, they have wicked intentions in their minds as well.

This movie is for those who like a simple but plain action and, of course, a lot of action in the water. Despite its box office failure, this movie has a lot to offer for a right viewer.  

Box office budget of the movie was about 70 million USD and over 19 million USD gross worldwide. But it does not belittle the value of the movie.

10. The core

This is an action, adventure, and sci-fi movie of 2003. The main actors of the movie are Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Bruce Greenwood, Richard Jenkins, Stanley Tucci, Donald Joseph Qualls and others.

The plot is about an unexpected turn of events related to unexplainable natural occurrences worldwide. The group of scientists start figuring out what is wrong with the planet Earth and come to the conclusion that the Earth’s core is affected and stopped spinning. The group of scientists come up with a brilliant idea to go to the Earth’s core down inside and fix the core. And the whole dangerous mission begins saving the world.

This movie is for pure sci-fi lovers. You do not want to look for a real scientific logic in a lot of scenes. Despite that, the movie is awesome.

Box office budget of the movie was about 60 million USD and more than 73 million USD gross worldwide. Some sources state that the budget of this movie was 85 million and 74.1 million gross.  

As you can see, the abovementioned movies are unique and intriguing for entertainment. That’s why it is definitely top 10 movies worth watching. We hope you enjoy watching these movies or at least find some interest in looking at it.

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