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Helidrops Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Helidrops Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Helidrops Review – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Today we can find a lot of offers to earn money online. But many of them are fake, insecure or do not worth the time and effort. We will share our thoughts about Helidrops. So, let’s dive into Helidrops review now.

The official name of the program is Helidrops io. You can type in Google Search for the official website to check it.

First of all, we noticed that it looks legitimate system which pays some money from the ads, surveys, games etc. through various media partners. It seems a good idea to share some profit with the users and retrieve much in profit.

However, troubles start with insecure ads which bring you trojans, spyware and make your whole operating system vulnerable. Imagine you do not have powerful antivirus software installed on your Windows operating system. Sooner or later, you would end up reinstalling a new and clean version of the Microsoft Windows. This is the major drawback of this program.

The second not promising factor is the pay-out system, which changes drastically. One day withdrawal limit is 5 or 10 USD, and the next day is 50-100 USD, etc. The withdrawal commission rate is also huge 10 percent if you try withdrawing through Payeer or PayPal.

Third negative aspect is that there is no information about the person or company on the website. If anyone offers pay-outs on the large scale directly, there should be more information about the individual or legal person.

Fourth, the pay-outs are relatively low, but it is possible to accumulate some extra money. Also, the country you live in plays a crucial role, for instance, when you complete surveys. The users from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom should be rewarded the most. All in all, with enough referrals, you should be able to add extra money to your bank account.

We do not expatiate further about this program because we think it is not recommended due to huge security vulnerabilities. Of course, we do not discourage you from registering but be warned about serious security threats on the website.

The creators of this program should tidy up their ads and offers and collaborate with reliable partners only. If not, it is only a matter of time when the whole system collapse or becomes unwelcome from the users.



Trojans, spyware (security vulnerabilities)

Unclear and inconsistent pay-out rates

Huge fees


Achievable pay-out rates with potential to maximize

Proofs of withdrawal from other users

Bigger money prize pools

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