USB socket problem – a way out and solution

USB socket problem – a way out and solution

Today, we have plenty of options to choose the best USB extensions. However, sometimes we come across with a USB socket problem. So, what should we be aware of?

Firstly, we must remember that the more USB sockets we connect, the greater is the risk of overcharging the PC. USB sockets could become malfunctioning. You should carefully check your PC parameters before plugging a lot of USB sockets at once.

Secondly, sometimes USB sockets do not connect properly because they do not match the parameters of the particular PC type. You should take a look at whether the exact USB extension matches your PC before buying it. It is advisable to buy compatible USB extensions only.

Thirdly, sometimes we don’t have much time to check all the parameters of the PC and we trust manufacturers of the USB extensions. In that case, try to connect the minimum amount of USB extensions. This way you will have more guarantees not losing your files if anything goes wrong. Of course, you must always have a spare USB or cloud back-up of your important files.  

Fourthly, try to buy the PC which comes with more USB sockets in the device itself. If you buy a monitor, you should look at the one which has more USB sockets for everyday use.

Fifth, try to match the USB extension lead, which is from the same manufacturer or brand. For instance, Dell, Lenovo, Accer, Asus, Apple, Microsoft etc. This way you will be sure that you are using the best match of the PC hardware and accessory.

Sixth, never unplug your USB manually from the USB socket before ejecting it. This can cause corrupted files or even data loss. Restoring this data could be quite expensive. Some suggest it does not matter whether you remove your USB using ‘safely remove hardware and eject media’ on Windows 10 or not. Still, we do not recommend doing that if you have very important data inside the USB. Safety must come first when working with the important data and files. It is better to waste only a couple of seconds properly removing your USB than to consume hours or even days trying to recover it.

Seventh, brand, manufacturer and price of the USB extension lead may be important too. Keep an eye on when buying very cheap extension leads or from the third countries like China. There are very good and reliable goods from China but, as you are probably aware, there is a real junk out there too. So do not get confused.


All in all, USB extension leads should not be a burden for your everyday tasks. Choose professional, robust hardware and accessories and you will have fewer headaches. We think it is the best recommendation if you want to avoid a USB socket problem.

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