Mobile App Scams – Beware of Huge Rewards

Mobile App Scams – Beware of Huge Rewards

Lately, a lot of huge money reward apps popped out on Google Play platform. These apps offer watching ads, playing various games in return for hundreds of cash rewards. But many of them are mobile app scams.

How to recognize fakes and mobile app scams?

Sometimes it is not so easy to spot mobile app scams at the beginning. You are playing games, constantly watching ads and see big money pouring straight into account. But here’s what you can do to save yourself from scams or time waste:

  • Investigate the app before signing up and installing the app. You will find a lot of reviews in the app star rating system. Check the 1-star reviews and customer reports. From there, you will be able to form an opinion about the service which is being offered. If you see the reviews are logical and right or response from the vendor is poor, you should not install the app and waste your time. If there is no response from the vendor or developer to the customers’ complaints, there is a high probability that the developer is scamming people.
  • If you see in the app that some huge rewards are offered, like huge PayPal or Amazon rewards, do not be deceived. It is almost 100 percent scam. In practice, you are being forced to watch countless ads instead of huge rewards. But when you reach the exact amount and are ready to withdraw, you will not receive anything.
  • Sometimes the app itself will not be a scam. However, the pay-out rate will be so small that it is not even worth to start it off. The worst thing is that some apps are linking to junk websites or other apps where trojans are lurking. Never try or test the app without antivirus installed on your device, even a mobile.
  • Be cautious about your personal data you provide to the apps. It is recommended having a disposable email address in most cases because you need to be certain that the developer values your privacy. If you got your hands into some sort of spam, make sure you use all available filters and other programs to block them out.
  • Always evaluate and answer for yourself is it reasonable or unreasonable to use the app. The time management and pay-out rate are crucial in all cases. If you see you will lose more than earn, look for another option.
  • Watch out for fake reviews or the ones which do not add any value. Over time, you should be able to detect those fakes. But it needs constant monitoring or some time to grasp the situation and every case.
  • Try to find and select informative reviews. This is the key factor from falling in blindly into scam apps or huge time waste.
  • Sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not the apps are mobile app scams. If you install the app, make sure you test it properly to see if it is legitimate or has any value to use it. Of course, the pay-out rate and time frame are crucial as always. The best rule is proportionality. If you cannot earn a reasonable amount in a reasonable time, it is better to quit the app or the program.
  • If you see you are not reaching 15-50 USD or EUR per week or month per one app, you should consider whether to continue using it. It is up to you to decide, but again, the time scale is very important here. Think what you could do useful in that spare time.
  • Consider accumulation. It is obvious that one legitimate app will not be enough to register and take part in the particular program on a small scale. You need an app accumulation. When you accumulate your earnings from all apps, only then you will see the final return and value. To do that, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the app yourself. That means you need to see the potential for earnings and returns. If they are very low, you should consider other apps, programs or earning methods.


All in all, there is no single answer to what is best for everyone. But with the right strategy, you can earn some extras which definitely clear your day. Make sure you are ready to spot and deal with mobile app scams, which can ruin your time. Select your best apps and programs and celebrate your little financial freedom step by step.



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