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Minds Review – Is This Social Network Reliable?

Minds Review - Is This Social Network Reliable?

Minds Review

Today we will speak about minds social network which is based on crypto currencies. What kind of social network is this? Is it worth signing up to minds? What challenges you may come across joining this social network? We will try to answer these questions in this simple minds social network review.

First of all, we would like to pay attention that from the first glance minds social network looks good to go. But it is only shady outfit what lurks inside it.

You will definitely find a lot of toxic and negative information on this social network. There is almost no proper moderation on this social network challenging various hostile articles, reports and opinions.

Keep in mind, that you can be blocked on this social network without any compelling reason. If this happens, you will lose all your crypto earnings left in the account. The reasons can be various such as content policy, spam despite you did not any spamming actions at all.

There is an availability to write an appeal and provide proof but usually you will be ignored further. If you left huge amounts of money on this social network, you would have to take a legal action against them in court. However, it might be quite difficult to do so because they are based in United States. According to Bloomberg source, they are located in the State of Connecticut.

We did not test the pro version of the minds account for the creators but the base reward for the content is ridiculously low.

Even if they block your social account with no proper reason at all, they will be still sending you newsletters or promotional material without your consent violating GDPR. From this point, it is very clear that minds do not value the privacy policy rules and your personal privacy. It is also unclear how they use your personal data further is some instances.

Certainly, you will find a lot of information about privacy policy rules, content policy, content creation policy, spam policy and other policies on their website but it is all in front only. For instance, according to their spam policy basically you cannot do anything on their social network, cannot promote anything, especially commercially. It seems you can but if they decide it is not, you will be banned one-sided. In the latter, there is no opportunity even to think about and create promotional campaigns for businesses.

Secondly, it is quite weird when they allow toxic and hostile content on their social platform but blocks some commercial promotional campaigns as spam. And this is going on form the beginning of this social media project. Bu the company does not even care.

Over the years, a lot of their users complained about unethical behaviour on this social media platform. That’s a huge warning and risk before signing up to this social network. Users’ reviews and feedbacks of minds social network are quite poor.

We do understand that is very hard to maintain any social media platform or network and we do not want to encourage you not to sign up to minds or any other social media network. It is up to you to decide. There are also good reviews about minds network and for some people it is everything acceptable. But you should know the possible risks and dangers from the objective point, especially if there are some questions related to monetization and money or money is involved.

So finally, is this social network reliable?

Our simple answer today would be NO.

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