Tea or Coffee – What Should We Choose?

Tea or Coffee – What Should We Choose?
Tea or Coffee - What Should We Choose?

Both tea and coffee will bring health benefits only if we drink them rationally: 1-2 cups a day. Drinking these fluids in such quantities will benefit blood circulation, nourish the heart muscle and reduce stress on the brain.

Of all types of tea, green tea is the most useful, as it contains various elements necessary for our body.

Green tea strengthens teeth, cleans blood and skin pores. It is an excellent preventative against liver, kidney and bladder stones and has antibacterial properties. It is best to drink green tea lightly brewed, as it is very irritating to the digestive tract. In addition, it is very healthy to drink brewed teas of raspberry, nettle, mint, lemon balm, black currant leaves and other teas.

Black tea is not so good for health because it contains certain tannic substances that dry out the digestive tract.

In order to reduce the “harmful” effects of black tea, a bay leaf should be added when brewing. The tea will acquire a delicate aroma, and all the harmful substances in the tea will disappear.

It is best to drink tea freshly brewed. Then it will give freshness. If the brewed tea is kept standing for several hours, “substances” harmful to our health are formed in it.

People’s tastes and habits are very different. Some can drink tea or coffee without sugar at all, while others, on the contrary, cannot drink without sugar. Sugar improves the properties of tea, and its small amounts (2 teaspoons daily) are even necessary for the body.

However, you should pay attention to the sugar…

White refined sugar is by far the most dangerous product of our time. In general, it can be said that it destroys our body, because it washes out calcium and many other trace elements. But there is a recipe that helps turn sugar-enemy into sugar-friend. Mix 750 grams of fine sugar, 200 ml of water and 200 grams of honey in a glass container with a capacity of one and a half or two liters and keep for 8 days, stirring three times a day with a wooden spoon (stored at room temperature). By doing this, sucrose (which absorbs calcium), which is harmful to the body, is broken down into glucose and fructose, which are very healthy substances, under the influence of honey and water.

White sugar can be replaced by honey, brown (unrefined) sugar or not very sweet fruit jams and jams. It is advisable to alternate the types of sugar added to the tea after a certain period of time.

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