Enzymes. Why they are so important?

Enzymes. Why they are so important?
Enzymes. Why they are so important?

An organism consists of billions of microscopic cells. Our existence depends on them, and they need live, active nourishment. So, what are these enzymes?


The body’s main source of effective nutrition is the life in food and those intangibles called enzymes.

Enzymes are complex substances that help digest food and absorb it. It is claimed that they “digest” cancerous tumors. In other words, they are enzymes.

Knowing this, we will understand why our food must be chosen wisely and properly, why it must be raw (uncooked) and unprocessed.

Life and death cannot coexist, be it our body or vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Where there is life, there are enzymes.

Enzymes are very sensitive to temperature, especially above 47C. Then they become inert, much like the human body becomes limp and weak in a hot bath. Already at a temperature of 54 degrees, enzymes die.

Enzymes in seeds are in a state of hibernation and, under favorable conditions, can retain their properties for hundreds and thousands of years.

The essence of life cannot be explained, so enzymes can be called substances of cosmic energy, or vibration, that increase chemical effects and changes in atoms and molecules. Enzymes cause a reaction, but they do not change or disappear themselves.

In other words, enzymes are catalysts that increase the action and changes of the organism without changing themselves, preserving their properties.

After such a short explanation, it is possible to better evaluate and intelligently choose the food we feed our body with, not only raw (uncooked), but prepared and consumed in such a way that it most effectively nourishes our body’s cells and tissues.

We can eat the best and most constructive food, but it will not be able to stop the body from collapsing if fear, anxiety, resentment, jealousy and other negative feelings haunt us.

Food must be living, or organic, like salts and minerals, so that the body can absorb them to renew its cells and tissues.

The sun’s rays send billions of quanta of energy to plants and activate enzymes, turning inorganic elements into organic ones containing vital elements for nutrition.

Our body consists of many substances. The main ones are: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, iron, iodine, chlorine, fluorine, silicon, manganese.

If the blood, cells, tissues, organs, glands and all other components of the body do not have these elements in the right proportion or if any of these elements are missing, the balance of the body’s functions is disturbed and the so-called toxemia of the body occurs, i.e. poisoning.

The food needed to restore and maintain health must consist of living organic elements found in fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds.

Oxygen is one of the most important elements. When food is cooked, the oxygen contained in it disappears, the enzymes are killed at 54C, and the greatest part of the life force necessary for nutrition is dissipated.

The fact that for many generations – millions of people have lived and live on consuming only cooked food does not mean that their existence is the result of consuming cooked food. They are actually in a state of decline, as evidenced by the toxic state of their bodies, whether they know it or not. So why are hospitals overcrowded, why are many millions of kilograms of painkillers sold every year, why are there so many heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, emphysema, premature aging, etc.

Nature has endowed the human body with innate endurance. When we eat something that harms us or is not in harmony with our body’s balance and needs, we suffer.

Next, we should consider why not eat vegetables or eat them anyway?


Those who do not know the principles of consuming fresh green vegetable and fruit juices may ask: “Why not eat vegetables and fruits instead of extracting the juice from them, discarding the fiber?”

The answer is simple: solid food takes many hours to digest before its nutrients are absorbed by the body’s cells and tissues. Although fiber is not nutritious, it acts as an internal broom during bowel movements. Therefore, while drinking juice, it is still necessary to eat raw plant food. The body digests and absorbs the juice very quickly, sometimes within a few minutes, and the digestive system uses a minimal amount of energy for this.

Vegetables and fruits have a lot of fiber. Atoms and molecules of nutrients necessary for us lie in the spaces between the cells. It is these elements and their corresponding enzymes present in fresh green juice that help to quickly nourish cells, tissues, glands, organs and all other parts of our body.

The fiber of vegetables and fruits is also valuable. But when the food is cooked, the fire destroys its life force, and the fiber, having lost its magnetism and being dead, acts as a spongy broom. When passing through the intestines, it very often leaves a layer of slag on the intestinal walls. Over a longer period of time, this slag accumulates, rots and causes toxemia.

By consuming juices obtained from fresh green vegetables and fruits, we supply our body’s cells and tissues with the elements and nutritional enzymes that are most easily digested and absorbed by the body.

The air we breathe is made up of approximately 20 percent. oxygen and 80 percent nitrogen, and we usually exhale only carbon dioxide. And what happens to nitrogen? Well, here’s the thing: as soon as the air reaches the alveoli, two groups of enzymes in the lungs begin to work. Some enzymes release oxygen from the air, others – nitrogen. Oxygen is collected with the help of enzymes, the blood carries it throughout the body, and nitrogen is transported by other enzymes to the relevant organs, where it is processed into proteins.

There are many enzymes in the mouth, stomach, intestines and throughout the body, of which more than 12 types are involved in the digestion and absorption of food. They are helped by enzymes contained in the molecules and atoms of the food itself.

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