God Theories

God Theories

I will share some interesting God Theories. This is my concept.

1. There never was proof of God.

2. There never was proof that God does not exist.

3. You cannot prove or deny that God exists.

4. Science will never explain if God exists or not because science is from us – human.

5. God does exist, but there is no single logical or explainable proof for humans. It is only a human’s belief if he believes at all.

99 per cent planet’s people do not truly believe in God, but God cares them anyway. I do not know why, because it defies all logic. But it is only my opinion.

In God’s world, there is no logic, no answers, no explanations like we are used to in our world which is given for us to live.

Share your thoughts and opinions on this interesting topic and subject about your God Theories!

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