Top Wealthy Affiliate Business Review 2019 – One Of The Best Learning Affiliate Marketing

Top Wealthy Affiliate Business Review 2019 – One Of The Best Learning Affiliate Marketing

You can choose from a lot of options to start your own business today or we can speak broadly like choose your niche, set up a niche website and so on. But none of that writing will give you benefits. Lately it looks that many people do this, but in my opinion, it is a big waste of time, especially from the readers’ point of view, because a reader is left unknown what to do next. The first step to start something would be to invest something in online business. Yes, you read it right that there is nothing ultimately for free.

So I suggest starting your business on the top Wealthy Affiliate business platform. You will learn a lot and your first investment will not be huge – about 50 USD a month. With that, you can start creating something. Of course, do not expect that paying 50 Usd a month is a guarantee of success overnight or over a month or two. You will need to put a lot of hard work. The more you invest in your projects the better. But do not forget to invest wisely – when you need and where you only need.

Keep in mind that this platform is not the money-making machine. This is a platform which gives you tools and training and community (people) to achieve something. Everything depends totally form you and how much time, effort and work you put in.

Wealthy affiliate

My rating: 8/10

Wealthy affiliate is a platform and business network where you can start your first steps in online business. Valuable tutorial videos provided as well where you can start off. Many other advantages which I could not find on other platforms.

You can start with wealthy affiliate free, but if you really want to start your journey to make real money online I suggest you choose a plan for 49 USD a month. This is what you will get:

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You will also need to buy your own domain for about 15 USD a year. You can buy your own domains on other websites and transfer them to Wealthy Affiliate.

I do not like the idea that for 49 Usd a month Wealthy Affiliate cannot offer one single free independent domain at least for one year and you have to pay for it for about 15 Usd. However, it is the only minor inconvenience, because 15 Usd or less a year is not a lot per 1 domain. And most of the companies on the internet probably will not give you out a real domain for your own use only for free.

Remember, with Wealthy Affiliate, hard work and efforts are required, so do not expect to earn in minutes or hours. It will take a bit longer to get your first income online, but eventually, you will get it. Just make sure you follow all the training and steps provided, advice and tips. Try to test several websites with different niches. If you see that your progress is low or you are not achieving what you have expected, do not worry. Try to find alternatives. Test and try other opportunities and ideas, write more valuable content, try different affiliate marketing programs and platforms, advertising platforms. By the way, Google is not the only one and last advertising program. Find alternatives and replacements if you need one.

If you want to really save on joining Wealthy Affiliate and you have spare money to invest, I suggest buying a yearly membership for about 299 USD. So instead of spending 50 USD a month which would be 600 a year, you will save 50% straightaway and only spend about 300 USD on a yearly membership.

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If you want to find more online business ideas, visit here.

I hope you will accomplish something great and big.

Share your experiences and opinions about making money online opportunities and good luck!

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