My Attitude of Work – Just A View

There are many types of professions nowadays. Everybody can choose the most important and favourite profession which he wants. However, a lot of efforts need to be put in order for a desirable profession to be reached.

Here is my attitude of work

Therefore, the job in the future should be the work, which you would like doing most of all. You expect to have the job, which you would be eager to do. Therefore you have to study very hard if you want to have such kind of job. To my mind, if a person tries to study or create something, he has many chances to have a desirable job. Some people would like to work as a lawyer, a notary, a judge or something connected with this. In my opinion, these professions are the most suitable ones for some people.

My Attitude of Work - Just A View

People can do various types of work nowadays too. One of these jobs is a family business. It is a good idea to develop a family business because you can work with your family members.

However, on the other hand, sometimes working in a family has disadvantages. For example, if parents are always very busy, they do not have enough time for their children and even for themselves either. According to my attitude, every family must have free time, which is called family time.

There are people who devoted their life except for work. At first sight, it looks strange, but on the other point of view, it is normal. I mean, these people who must work even during their vocation. For example, medicine people, drivers, policemen, firemen and etc. According to my point of view, people should have their free time, their “off” days, because everybody needs a rest. So, I appreciate the people who have the most important jobs and I strongly believe, that these persons are called ‘workaholics’.

To sum everything up, I would like to say, that work is important and takes the main part in our life, but we shouldn’t forget, that sometimes we have to find a free minute, a free hour or a free day in our life as well. Somebody would like to say, that it does not matter, how many hours a day we work, but I disagree with that opinion, because human is not a robot and needs everything: and a job, and his free time as well.

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