Our World And Planet

There are many differences, such as many new things in our world nowadays. If we compare our world that was in the past, we would see that now we are living in the other place. The latter can be named as the “pollution time.” The world was much cleaner, for example, five or three hundred years ago. Today the situation is very changeable because of huge activity of people.

Fresh Land of our world and planet
Fresh Land of our world and planet

Therefore, we made many problems over these past years living in our world.

I suppose, that everyone would agree with the statement, that we have not made the right decision to protect our world from the pollution as much as we can. So many cars, planes, factories, even bad rubbish recycling damage our planet, nature and our air as well. We cannot even normally breathe in the fresh air in a large city. Some people believe that we can live further like this.

However, we have not to forget, that scientists warned us about the pollution. They say, that the effect of all this can be very strong. If we do not change or we do not find any solutions for that problem, our world will be destroyed by ourselves in the nearest future. Therefore, we should think today how to solve these problems, but not to delay them for tomorrow or later.

Step by step...
Step by step…

In my opinion, if we put more efforts, we will prevent us from creating things that are very harmful to our nature. Finally, it is extremely vital for us. According to my point of view, we should use electric cars, electric trains, and similar vehicles as well in the future. It will cost millions or even billions, but then we could live without worrying about big pollution. We must feel safely and freely in our native Earth.

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