Sitting At A Computer For A Long Hours Is Harmful

Sitting At A Computer For A Long Hours Is Harmful

Nowadays, our lives are not imaginary without electronic devices, especially computers. The latter is used in various companies, shops, banks, and everywhere where it’s necessary. However, talking about a laptop, one question arises sitting at a computer for long hours is harmful.

A computer is a suitable communication device, but it has some disadvantages. According to my attitude, the biggest problem is connected to the screen of a computer. It has some damaging electronic dust which is harmful to our body. We are advised to wash our face with cold water after working with a laptop, especially if it takes long hours.

The other disadvantage of a computer is the damage to our eyes. We have to look at the screen of a computer from a very close distance. Because of it, the negative effect can be more substantial for our eyes. Therefore, short-sight, sight attenuation and other sight problems can appear if we sit at a computer for long hours. There are other problems to be discussed in this subject, and I have submitted just the main ones, which are the most important to me.

Upgrading or downgrading?

To sum everything up, I agree with the statement that sitting at a computer for long hours is harmful. There are many arguments and facts which scientists settle. From my perspective, people should understand that a computer must be used for the shortest period in our lives.

Please share your experiences and thoughts on this serious subject.

P.S. If you want to relax from the computing routine, check this topic out.



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