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LKL finals – who will be the winner 2022

LKL finals

LKL 2022 basketball season is coming to an end again like in a lot of leagues in the world. Everywhere playoffs take place. This year we will try to predict who will be the winner 2022 of LKL finals.

There is no doubt that the first pair should be Žalgiris and Rytas. Both teams won and lost the same number of matches and took the first and the second place respectively in the regular season. Both teams did not demonstrate ultimate focus at the end of the regular season, but in the playoffs and finals, they will be ready for the maximum focus.

Who has a better chance of winning the finals?

It is hard to answer unambiguously, but the title should go to Žalgiris in the end. There is no doubt that this team has much more solid experience and still is the Euroleague team. The huge losses in the Euroleague may influence Žalgiris to give everything they got in the LKL finals. If this team keeps the maximum concentration and roster, no one would be able to win against it. However, some surprises could pop out if Žalgiris will start losing the confidence and certainty. But with the players like Tyler Cavanaugh, Edgaras Ulanovas, Lukas Lekavičius, Joshua Nebo and Joffrey Lauvergne it is highly unlikely.

The second pair in the LKL finals could be Žalgiris and Lietkabelis. This season, Lietkabelis showed some real fireworks, especially in the last game against Žalgiris. Lietkabelis looked very strong in the Eurocup as well. The results and games in this league made Lietkabelis even stronger than in the previous LKL season. The players of the Lietkabelis team like Panagiotis Kalaitzakis, Djordje Gagič, Kristupas Žemaitis, Gediminas Orelik, Vytenis Lipkevičius, Dovydas Giedraitis, Karolis Giedraitis, Kaspars Bėrzinš, Gabrielius Maldūnas can play and compete against anyone in the league. Basically, almost every player in the basketball court can be the leading score in the game. The coach Nenad Čanak is amazing this season and can be expressed as the sixth player in the court.

However, if Lietkabelis sleeps on its glory from the regular season games, then there is a good chance that this team gets hammered like it had already happened in the past championships. But from this season’s perspective, Lietkabelis looks as good as Neptunas was in the LKL and 2014–15 EuroLeague season. Lietkabelis will be one of those teams hard to beat this year.

 What about other teams in the LKL finals?

Šiauliai-7bet, CBet and Uniclub Casino – Juventus teams have slim chances to advance to the finals. The chances are even slimmer for Neptunas and Dzukija teams. Those teams may advance to the semi-finals, but it is highly unlikely that they manage to go to the finals.

The team pairs between Žalgiris-Neptunas and Rytas-Dzukija clearly shows that the semi-finalists will be Žalgiris and Rytas unless something unusual or unexpected will happen. The same situation is between Lietkabelis and Uniclub Casino – Juventus teams. However, Uniclub Casino – Juventus has greater chances to advance to semi-finals than Neptunas or Dzukija for sure. But it is unlikely that Uniclub Casino – Juventus would be able to win the series against Lietkabelis in the playoffs. We may see the fight until the end, but the semi-finalist should be Lietkabelis in the end.

The most intriguing matches in the playoffs will be between Šiauliai-7bet and CBet. The first game of the series showed tenacious playing and a good fight until the last seconds. CBet has the lead in the series, but Šiauliai-7bet should advance to the semi-finals.

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