NBA Best Team 2020 – Who Will Be The Winner?

NBA Best Team 2020 – Who Will Be The Winner?

This year’s NBA finals gave some extraordinary thoughts. Everyone expected that Golden State Warriors would be the winners of the 2019 NBA finals. But Toronto Raptors gave a huge fight-back, and the only basketball team in Canada managed to get over favourites. That was and still is unexpected indeed. So, what about NBA best team 2020?

Can we still predict NBA scores? 

The huge question now is who will be the winner and the NBA best team 2020 in the next NBA season. It is tough to predict and forecast, but let’s make some insights. 

NBA Best Team 2020 - Who Will Be The Winner?

Patrick Beverley. Los Angeles Clippers

Does Los Angeles Clippers Have A Chance To Have A Title Of NBA Best Team 2020? 

Most bookmakers say that the Los Angeles Clippers will be the NBA champions of 2020. But let’s take a look a little bit closer. This team has bought strong players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who both respectively had 26.6 and 28.0 points in the 2018-2019 season. But let’s get back a bit in history. 

In the NBA season, 2003-2004, Los Angeles Lakers finished the regular season with overwhelming 56 victories and won Western Conference. The Lakers had players like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Karl Malone and Gary Payton making the big four. However, the Lakers unexpectedly and unpredictably lost to Detroit Pistons 4-1. Of course, we can say that some Lakers players had injuries during the finals, but I doubt that anyone expected a 4-1 score in the essential final games. 

History clearly shows how everything can turn around 360 degrees. I would be more sceptical about giving the best score to the Clippers to win the 2020 NBA championship. It is not only the lessons from history, but sometimes when teams get the best players, they may have more significant pressure to win as they always are reckoned as favourites. 

What about other teams? 

The following NBA teams have a huge potential to win NBA finals. Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers. 

NBA Best Team 2020 - Who Will Be The Winner?

Lebron James. Los Angeles Lakers

First of all, about Lakers

The second colossal question is about the same old Lakers. Will they be the best NBA team in 2020 and win the main title? This question raises more doubts than answers. It is evident that after Bryant and O’Neal era, the Lakers must face sundown. It is not the thought that they will not be able to play in the playoffs, but the ‘feeling’ that they do not have enough willpower to beat someone in the championships. That ‘feeling’ comes from Lebron James and Anthony Davis. These two players just do not fit in the Lakers. Statistically, they may be good, but it will not be enough to win the championship.

Besides, Lebron James struggles a lot in the finals. We can applaud his three won championships, but we must remember that these NBA titles were won in Miami and Cleveland. James should never have left Cleveland or stayed in Miami if he wanted more NBA titles. This is not about that the team necessarily wins the title quite often, but it is all about the player’s strength from the inside. Lebron and Davis would probably have more chances to win the 2020 NBA championship with the Bucks or Clippers. 

NBA Best Team 2020 - Who Will Be The Winner?

Bucks at Wizards 1/15/18. Giannis Antetokounmpo by Keith Allison

What about Bucks, Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers?

Bucks catches an eye between these three teams. Dollars do not seem like they may pull off in the finals, but they may breakthrough like the Raptors did this year in the 2018-2019 NBA season. Giannis Antetokounmpo is on fire, and in line with Kyle Korver, Khris Middleton, Wes Matthews and other average players, it is a solid team to the finals. 

Rockets may advance to the playoffs, but that probably would be their last stop. James Harden and Russel Westbrook are the main stars, but they have never won an NBA championship. Again, statistics itself will not help to win the title. 

76ers have recently risen from the ashes after a long sleep, and they may be a threat to some teams seeking to win the 2020 NBA championship. With Joel Embiid, Al Horford, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson, this team can fret over other NBA teams in the playoffs and maybe in the finals. A lot would change if they will not keep all the mentioned players, but we will see.  

Final remarks about NBA best team 2020

Starting up with Golden State Warriors and ending up with all the other teams in the NBA league, these teams probably do not stand a chance to win the main 2020 NBA title. We may see some lustre, but eventually, they should be left out of bounds. 

The future is full of surprises, and I hope we will see another great battle for the NBA Best Team 2020.

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9 thoughts on “NBA Best Team 2020 – Who Will Be The Winner?

  1. Next season God’s willing this will be very exciting especially with the many trades, I believe that the competition is really going to be great. We are going to be in for a great treat. There will be surprises but one of cost must reign as champs. Who it is we will see.

  2. Great post. I think the NBA has taken a big turn with alot of disappointment and it’s very hard to say who is going to win next. Teams are beginning to become more competitive and players are upping their games. Though the bookmakers might have a reason for their prediction I think it’ll be really competitive for the 2020 campaign. LeBron James might get better than last season and youngsters like Giannis Antetokounmpo will be looking to make his mark. I think we should just try to enjoy it as it comes.

  3. Excellent post this is and I really enjoyed the read a lot. Let then battle begin for who will win the  NBA best team 2020 begin. I have my fingers crossed on this and I am still uncertain to say boldly about who will win the prestigious crown.  Just like you have pinpointed major setbacks and strengths of each team, it’s all just building up to a great season. Though I’m a big fan of Lebron James but I do not think the Lakers are ready to have the victory yet. Thanks 

  4. Dear Tomas,

    That’s quite a nice review of the concluded NBA 2019 season and the inevitable question of who will be best in the 2020 one. From your review, I gather that things quite turn around sometimes and giants are felled even in the very finals. Indeed for teams like the Toronto Raptors I think it is even possible to have top performance from untold quarters in any major tournaments. 

    And that’s a law of life, I guess. When the sun is going down the moon rises. For instance, unless the Lakers have a huge comeback after their bright shining days, they are, like you said it, now in their sundown times.

    Could you kindly give us highlights if the best new talents that showed themselves exceptional in the whole 2019 tournament including from teams that lost? Thanks.


    Boniface from AndroidBix. 

  5. Hi, your post is very unique because it mostly talking about prediction, although am not good at prediction but what I will say about it is that the team that will win will be a surprising team. Sport can make someone a fool that’s why I won’t argue with your point.

  6. Toronto Raptors ROCK!!!  OK, so I’m a little biased being from Canada, eh?  LOL

    Now that the Clippers have STOLEN Kawhi from us I doubt the Rangers have much of a chance this coming year.  This makes me lean towards the Clippers who have a very solid team.  Of course, the Rangers did plow through even though injuries were sustained so I wouldn’t bet money on that.

    Your choices seem very solid!  I’m just still sore about losing Kawhi!

  7. Hello Tomas!
    This is a very good and informative article you have written. So different as well. Thank you for the information about the NBA. Good to know about the Toronto Raptors. Now, this is tough to predict the winner of 2019. This will be so tough for the Golden State Warriors to be the champion in spite of being the best as Toronto raptors are doing so good. Now for 2020, though Los angels clippers are the best team so far, it can not be said that they will be the winner. It’s all about luck and hard working. so, let’s see…

  8. Dear Tomas,
    It’s so tough to say that which team will be the champion of the 2020 NBA final. By their practice and performance, we would predict for one team but do not say that the team must be the winner. There is God’s will. Keeping it, we would say that perhaps Golden State Warrior will be the winner of the 2020 NBA final. It’s only my opinion. To you, it would be not appropriate. It can differ from person to person.
    Thank you.

  9. NBA has been one of the most predictable league in sports, On the contrary, there’s more young superstar caliber talent currently playing its trade in the NBA than at any point in recent memory. In five years, that next generation will be busy winning championships, hoisting MVP trophies and hogging All-Star, Anyways I’ll be getting ready to see the outcome because I can’t wait to see the outcome.

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